Happy New Year!

Platt Branch is looking forward to another terrific year. Our 10th anniversary is coming up in April, and this calls for a SUPER, SUPER celebration. We'd like to invite all Friends to join in our super gala birthday extravaganza.

 The Bookstore continues to do well. It draws people from all over who appreciate the quality and affordability of the books, and our November Super Used Book Sale earned nearly $3,000 more for the Library. Our Bookstore volunteers deserve many thanks, as do others who help make our book sales so successful.

Those who donated their time for the November Super Sale were Barbara Abromovitch, Ed & Millie Berger, Pam Bieber, Ruth & Warren Bromund, Elaine Corman, Frona DeCovnick, Lynn & Dan Durbin, Muriel & Sid Eiduson, Vivian Estabrook, Faye Faraldo, Dorothy Gillmann, Jesse Goldbaum, Annie & Ted Haas, Therese Hearn, Jacqueline Hinkston, Darlene Jackson, Leatha King, Willa Kurtz, Richard Lee, Ethel Margolin, Ellen Marshall, CeCe Mestman, Charlene Montante, Mary Ann Ostrom, Patricia Peterson, Nancy & John Reeve, Darris Reilly, Carol Roseman, Shel & Sharon Schuster, Michael & Samantha Schuster, Harriet Strauss, Kathy Van Olinda, Michelle Watts, and Margaret Young.

Any Friend's members who would like to volunteer can e-mail, or respond to the specific opportunities listed below.

Elaine Corman & Harriet Strauss
Co-Bookstore Volunteer Coordinators

ShelThe Friends Bookstore Volunteer Story

Everybody Needs a Hobby

For the past 10 years, my hobby has been managing the used book sales at Platt Library. And over the last 10 years, I've been joined by a host of Friends who also found processing and selling used books is its own reward. Together, we've come a long way.

Knowing nothing about selling used books, but having a love of books of all kinds, I sort of fell into the job of managing the thousands of books we get each year. What a learning experience it has been. First, of course, the librarians scan the donations and take those they need for Platt's collection. Then we sort the rest by topic and age. As the quantity of donations increased, Millie Berger and Warren Bromund came to my aid, and then John Reeve and Frona DeCovnick joined in to help keep the sorting room manageable.

What makes this fun is walking into the library and finding a box or bag of books, not knowing if we'll find anything special. And we have—from a collection of prints that sold for $500 to the 150-year-old collection of poems to a loaded revolver that fell out of a hollowed book. Frequently when someone is moving or just cleaning up, we get the books. If the donor was avid about a topic or an author, there are real finds to be had. And this goes on almost every day!

After the sorting stage, most donations are stored away for the five 1-day sales that come shortly after you receive these newsletters, but the choicest go into the Bookstore. Since our Bookstore is open 6 days a week from just after the library opens to just before it closes and the 1-day sales are massive, I've needed and received great support from volunteer book movers and sellers since Platt opened in 1995.


Volunteer Coordinator Elaine Corman at the Bookstore

Staffing the Bookstore takes 14 volunteers a week, working in 3-hour shifts, and the Super Sales require upwards of 40 hands on deck. This, in turn, requires a much larger pool of workers. Willa Kurtz took over the job of coordinating all these volunteers early on. Harriet Strauss took over from her, and Elaine Corman stepped in when Harriet became President in 1998. Elaine also created the system that keeps all shifts covered. What a godsend these ladies have been!

Platt Branch is one of the few LAPL branches with a bookstore. Ours quickly became a focal point for both volunteer involvement and Friends fundraising. To date, FOPL has raised well over a quarter of a million dollars for our branch through used book sales alone—with practically no overhead.

If you haven't been in the Bookstore, do drop in on us. Maybe just to thank the volunteer staffing the room, although the selections are hard to resist. The books are priced right (most $1.00 or less), and there's a surprisingly wide selection of fiction and non-fiction, hard cover and soft, old (some from the 1800’s) and this year's publications, along with a good selection of coffee table books. If you've never been to a used book sale, come to the members-only Friday night preview of our 1-day sales, if only to browse. (Don't arrive earlier than the 5:30 pm starting time unless you like to join in organized chaos.)

If you're cleaning house, you can bring donations to the library anytime it's open. The librarian will take your donation if the Bookstore is closed. In addition to books, we do take videos, DVDs, CDs, or audio tapes, but please no home-recordings. Magazines are also accepted.

Shel Schuster, Book Sales Manager


Experienced Sorters,

Shelvers & Book Processors

needed to augment Platt's critical staff shortage. Any day or time. E-mail the Volunteer Coordinator.

Platt's 10th Birthday Gala

needs creative types to man Face Painting Booth and willing hands for a number of other tasks on April 16. Click here for details. Email Sue Strickland or Carol Roseman if you can help.

Readers Needed!

Can you spare 2 hours each week to make a positive difference in children's lives?

Sign up now for LAPL's Grandparents and Books program. Readers must attend a training and certification session, so please contact Children's Librarian Vicki Migliori today! (818) 340-9386.

Platt Branch Volunteers—2004

Barbara Abromovitch
Pat Backes
Becky Baker
Ed Berger
Mildred Berger
Eileen Bernfeld
Pam Bieber
Arlene Blonsky
Julie Booth
Ruth Bromund
Warren Bromund
Dorothy Butler
Carina Camamile
Kimmy Chen
Elaine Corman
Sandi Corman
Brian Crossland
Tim Culhane
Frona DeCovnick
Stan DeCovnick
Fay Deen Doyen
Gail Drouin
Dan Durbin
Lynn Durbin
Muriel Eiduson
Sid Eiduson
Susan Eley
Vivian Estabrook
Faye Faraldo

Donna Fellman
Caryl Frankle
Dorothy Gillmann
Jesse Goldbaum
Annie Haas
Ted Haas
Susan Haddox
Ellie Haney
Terry Haney
Therese Hearn
Jacqueline Hinkston
Sally Holtz
Darlene Jackson
Pearl Kalechstein
Paul Kennedy
Leatha King
Jeff Koetje
Willa Kurtz
James Lamog
Richard Lee
Martha MacIver
Ethel Margolin
Ellen Marshall
Roberta Mehegan
CeCe Mestman
Charlene Montante
Judie Mount
Jack O'Connell

Eileen O'Neill
Ann Olafson
Mary Ann Ostrom
David Perrell
Patricia Peterson
John Reeve
Nancy Reeve
Darris Reilly
Nancy Reims
Peggy Richman
Carol Roseman
Dave Rucker
Paula Russo
Eileen Schafer
Sue Scheiner
Jan Scholle
Don Schuster
Sharon Schuster
Shel Schuster
Harriet Segurson
Dan Strauss
Harriet Strauss
Sue Strickland
Lyall Thompson
Kathy Van Olinda
Alex Wagner
Joan Wagner
Michelle Watts
Margaret Young

Our sincere and deep appreciation to the wonderful volunteers who worked during 2004.

The Friends of Platt Library Board    Lynn Light, Senior Librarian, and Staff

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