Super! Super! Super!

Our last book sale in August was beyond just super. New booklovers have discovered Platt and its bargain books, and more people are involved in volunteering in the Bookstore and at sales.

Our great volunteers at the sale were Pat Backes, Millie & Ed Berger, Eileen Bernfeld, Pam Bieber, Ruth & Warren Bromund, Kimmy Chen, Sandi & Elaine Corman, Brian Crossland, Frona DeCovnick, Lynn & Dan Durbin, Vivian Estabrook, Stacy & Anne Fisk, Jesse Goldbaum, Susan Haddox, Ellie Haney, Therese Hearn, Darlene Jackson, Pearl Kalechstein, Leatha King, Richard Lee, Ethel Margolin, Ellen Marshall, CeCe Mestman, Charlene Montante, Dorothy & Gilbert Omens, Mary Ann Ostrom, Nancy & John Reeve, Peggy Richmond, Carol Roseman, Eileen Schafer, Sharon Schuster, Harriet Strauss, Sue Strickland, Lyall Thompson, Kathy Van Olinda, Joan Wagner, Michelle Watts, Margaret Young, and Jackie & Mark Zev.

And, of course, special thanks are due our behind-the-scenes volunteers who donate hours and hours: Bookstore Manager Shel Schuster, Frona DeCovnick (Friends President), Warren Bromund, John Reeve, and Millie Berger (who is into everything concerned with Platt and the Friends).

ALL FRIENDS are invited to contact us if you are interested in becoming active.

Elaine Corman & Harriet Strauss
Co-Bookstore Volunteer Coordinators


Experienced Sorters,

Shelvers & Book Processors

needed to augment Platt's critical staff shortage. E-mail the Volunteer Coordinator.

Children's Holiday Boutique

needs old holiday greeting cards and other materials. Donations of hand-crafted gift items are also welcome. Also,

more elves are needed

to help assemble gift items at the Boutique Workshop Thursday, November 18, 6:30–8 pm, and to assist young shoppers at the Boutique on Saturday, December 4, noon–2:30 pm. Email Mary Ann Ostrom

Platt's 10th Birthday Gala

Planning Committee needs creative suggestions and implementation skills now, plus advance commitment of creative talents and crafts materials for April 16, 2005. Click here for details. Email Sue Strickland or Carol Roseman if you can help.

Readers Needed!

Can you spare 2 hours each week to make a positive difference in children's lives?

Sign up now for LAPL's Grandparents and Books program. Readers must attend a training and certification session, so please contact Children's Librarian Vicki Migliori today! (818) 340-9386.

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