See You in June!

Come and get lotsa books to tide you over the summer. Remember though—if you just can't wait for the bargains coming up June 11th and 12th—the Bookstore will always be open when the library is, thanks to our faithful Bookstore volunteers. Remember, too, we welcome new and old Friends members who volunteer to man the Bookstore and set up and participate at our big book sales.

In April, we again had a surprisingly successful Super Sale thanks to the efforts of so many: Barbara Abromovitch, Pat Backes, Millie & Ed Berger, Eileen Bernfeld, Pam Bieber, Ruth & Warren Bromund, Kimmy Chen, Elaine & Sandi Corman, Brian Crossland, Frona & Stan DeCovnick, Fay Deen Doyen, Lynn & Dan Durbin, Iris Edinger, Vivian Estabrook, Fay Faraldo, Dorothy Gillmann, Jesse Goldbaum, Debbie Grys, Ted Haas, Ellie & Terry Haney, Therese Hearn, Jackie Hinkston, Sally Holtz, Paul Kennedy, Ellen Marshall, Roberta Mehegan, CeCe Mestman, Eileen O'Neill, Mary Patterson, Darris Reilly, Peggy Richman, Paula Russo, Jan Scholle, Don Schuster, Sharon Schuster, Sue Strickland, Kathy Van Olinda, and Michelle Watts.

Working continually are Bookstore Manager Shel Schuster, Millie Berger, Frona DeCovnick, Warren Bromund, and John Reeve. Going over our great donations and keeping the bookstore continually supplied takes lots and lots of effort.

If you would like to help in the bookstore or at the Super Sales, contact me.

Elaine Corman, Volunteer Coordinator


Your Friends Board

really, really needs up-and-coming Friends to assist standing committee chairmen. If new friends, new experience, and a greater part in supporting Platt Library appeals to you, call Harriet Strauss at (818) 888-7766.

Your Friends Board also needs volunteers now to serve on the Planning Committee for Platt Library's 10th Anniversary Gala Celebration next year. If you can contribute ideas and/or organizational skills, please contact Elaine Corman ASAP!

Readers Needed!

Can you spare 2 hours each week to make a positive difference in children's lives?

Sign up now for LAPL's Grandparents and Books program. Readers must attend a training and certification session, so please contact Children's Librarian Vicki Migliori today! (818) 340-9386.

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