May General Meeting
Tuesday, May 18
at 6:30 pm

Here's a photo op you won't want to miss! Author, teacher, prosecutor, district attorney, art photographer, and creator of two highly praised photo books… Gil Garcetti has made a lasting impression on many levels of LA's civic and cultural scene.

Although his name-recognition springs more from his “previous life” in law, Mr. Garcetti has spent much of his life as an urban photographer, carrying a small camera in his pocket even while Los Angeles County DA. When he made the shift to the risky business of art photography, his first photo book, Iron: Erecting the Walt Disney Concert Hall, prompted rave reviews from both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. American Photo magazine named him one of the country's four master photographers for 2003. And you may already have seen excerpts of his most recent book, Frozen Music, in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine.

Beginning promptly at 7 pm, the presentation will focus on his documentation of the concert hall's construction, exposing the beauty and spirit inherent in the curved, angled, and bent steel before the building's exterior skin hid most of its bones from view. And, as he does in Iron, he'll explore ironworkers’ contribution to the building of America, their value as a symbol of the too-often ignored tradeworker, and their influence on his own dramatically angled career path.

Mr. Garcetti's books will be available for signing after the program. And of course, special refreshments are planned in honor of our distinguished speaker. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar now!

Frona DeCovnick, Program Chair

February Programs Soared and Scored

The Hospitality Committee had a busy month. Platt Branch patrons enjoyed a pair of excellent Friends presentations, one entertaining, both informational.


Speaker Jaye Howes (center) and husband/fellow pilot Bill accept a handcrafted poster from artist/
Friends Membership Vice President Millie Berger.

Women in Aviation

Commemorating a hundred years of powered flight, our General Meeting featured speaker Jaye Howes, Chairman of the San Fernando Valley chapter of the 99s—International Organization of Women Pilots. In an extremely well-organized and informative slide presentation, Jaye chronicled the history of women's contributions to aviation. Such pioneers included Harriet Quimby (first American woman to receive a pilot's license), Matilde Moisant (first woman to fly over the English Channel), Catherine Stinson (first woman to fly airmail), Jackie Cochran (first woman to break the sound barrier), and Sally Ride (first woman astronaut)…as well as Amelia Earhart and her more universally known accomplishments.

A premiere event for early aviatrixes was the All Women's Air Derby, later dubbed the Powder Puff Derby. This endurance flight went from Santa Monica to Cleveland (2800 miles in 8 days with 17 stops). The idea for the 99s—an organization that promotes aviation among women by offering scholarships, seminars, and clinics—was born in this competition, taking its name from the number of licensed female pilots who became its charter members. Today it has over 6,000 members, the San Fernando Chapter being one of the largest.

A question and answer period followed. Several other 99s members attended; their lively contributions added yet another dimension to an already special evening.


Ellen Pangarliotas discusses the ballot measures with Friends Treasurer Stan DeCovnick (left) and another concerned voter.

Ballot Issues Review

Each election, the Friends sponsor a representative of the League of Women Voters to present the pros and cons of the ballot measures. Once again Platt patrons had the opportunity to sharpen their voting skills. When Ellen Pangarliotas, Chair of the Los Angeles LWV Speakers Bureau, analyzed the special ballot issues for the March 2ndelection, her clear and concise manner both highlighted the measures’ ramifications and sparked valuable contributions from the audience.

Many thanks are due everyone who contributed so much to these evenings’ success: the knowledgeable speakers, Hospitality Chair Ellie Haney's dedicated crew, and the really great audience members.

Frona DeCovnick, Program Chair

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