Happy Book Times

Our August Book Sale was welcomed by many patrons who had been looking forward to our Super Sale.

Our thanks go to those who volunteered so many hours to make it possible: Barbara Abromovitch, Becky Baker, Millie & Ed Berger, Eileen Bernfeld, Ruth & Warren Bromund, Kimmy Chen, Elaine & Sandi Corman, Brian Crossland, Frona & Stan DeCovnick, Nancy & Bob Eisenhart, Vivian Estabrook, Faye Faraldo, Ted Haas, Therese Hearn, JoAnn Hilston, Darlene Jackson, Paul Kennedy, Leatha King, Willa Kurtz, Richard Lee, Ethel Margolin, Ellen Marshall, CeCe Mestman, Eileen O'Neill, David Perrell, John Reeve, Darris Reilly, Paula Russo, Sharon & Shel Schuster, Don Schuster, Harriet Strauss, Lyall Thompson, Kathy Van Olinda, and Michele Watts.

Our next sale will be November 7 and 8, but remember the Bookstore is accessible every day the library is open. This is thanks to all the Bookstore volunteers and to our Super Bookstore Manager, Shel Schuster, and his assistants (Millie Berger, Warren Bromund, Frona & Stan DeCovnick, and John Reeve), who keep the Bookstore shelves filled. AND very important, our great selection is due to those who make everything possible by their contributions of books. This joint effort of all helps to make Platt Library the very best.

E-mail me if you would like to join the team.

Elaine Corman, Volunteer Coordinator

Hospitality Plus!

Thanks are due all the volunteers who assisted in providing refreshments during the past and current years’ board and general meetings. Millie Berger, Pam Bieber, Ruth Bromund, Elaine Corman, Frona DeCovnick, Annie Haas, Eileen O'Neill, Mary Ann Ostrom, Nancy Reeve, Paula Russo, Harriet Strauss, Joan Wagner, Nina Wilson, and Senior Librarian Jan Metzler brought great taste treats and lovely decorations.

Also, Terry and I want to thank each of you for the beautiful anniversary cake, along with the beautiful tray of fresh fruit and cheeses. What a nice surprise! You are a great group to work with!

Ellie Haney, Hospitality Chair


Children's Boutique

Project Planning

October 29 (Wednesday)
6:30–8 pm

Gift-Creation Workshops

November 10 (Monday)
November 20 (Thursday)
6–8 pm

Helpers needed to design and assemble gift items. We are looking for creative ideas as well as creative crafts people.

Boutique Event itself

December 6 (Saturday)
12 noon to 4 pm

Volunteers also needed to assist the children in selecting gifts, and lots of gift wrappers to avoid the bottleneck we've experienced in the past.

If you would like to be part of a very rewarding, enjoyable event, please email Lyall Thompson

Readers Needed!

Can you spare 2 hours each week to make a positive difference in children's lives?

Sign up for LAPL's Grandparents and Books program. Please contact Children's Librarian Vicki Migliori for more information. (818) 340-9386.

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