President's Message

I hope that everyone is enjoying a pleasant summer.

At the start of our 2003–2004 year, we're welcoming three new board members. Lyall Thompson takes over as 1st Vice President for Fundraising from Mary Ann Ostrom. Charlene Montante (a past treasurer) has returned to the Board for Public Relations and Publicity as Annie Haas moves over to Civic Affairs. In addition, Roberta Mehegan joins us as co-chairperson with Ellie Haney for Hospitality. Meanwhile, Past President Millie Berger has donned a second title; she was elected 2nd Vice President for Membership, taking over from Ruth Bromund.

The remaining board officers were all re-elected for a second term, and all other chairpersons agreed to serve for another year. (For a complete listing of the 2003–2004 Board, please see Friends News.)

Fond Farewells

Special words of thanks are due to outgoing board members Ruth Bromund, Mary Ann Ostrom, and Hermalee Schmidt for their untiring efforts. Correspondence Secretary and Mailing Chairman before being elected Membership VP, Ruth has been meticulous in administering that important function, and Friends membership reached 500 during her tenure. Mary Ann's efforts in fundraising have been spectacular, and her last official act was organizing the Friends Metro Rail Art Tour, which was well received by all. Hermalee has been handling Civic Affairs brilliantly for 8 years. That's a combined 15 years of service on the Friends Board. Many thanks to all of you from all of us.

Library Security Update

In my last report, I mentioned the problem we've been experiencing with a few middle school students on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during the school year. I'm pleased to report (and cautiously optimistic) that some progress on alleviating the problem is in the works. Senior Librarian Jan Metzler met with Hale Middle School officials and discussed several proposals. I hope to have more on this for our next newsletter. Meanwhile, we continue to press Library Administration on the need for surveillance/security cameras to cover the foyer and rotunda areas at Platt. Not much to report on that proposal so far, but we will keep after it.

MTA Art Tour

Not only did two busfulls of Friends enjoy a great tour of the Metro Rail system, I've been receiving calls thanking the Board for sponsoring the event and hoping similar tours will be available to members in the near future. If you have any suggestions for other members-and-guests excursions, contact Fundraising VP Lyall Thompson now while she's busy planning this year's special events.

Native Plants Program

At the May General Meeting, nearly a full house assembled to hear Jennifer Mok, past president of the Theodore Payne Foundation, talk about gardening with California native plants. It was a good program and well received—some members are already putting the Payne Foundation's tips into practice. A special thanks to Frona DeCovnick for lining up this final program of our fiscal year. All of the programs we had last year were excellent and heartily enjoyed. Stay tuned for Frona's ’03–’04 offerings.

Terry Haney

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