President's Message

Thanks to all the great volunteers and contributors who helped in so many ways to make the 8th Platt Library Birthday a big success, and a very special thanks to Millie Berger for her efforts in putting it all together. A large crowd not only enjoyed a great party, Bookstore Manager Shel Schuster reports a great sale as well. Platt also gained another beautiful quilt from the talents of Mrs. Schneiderwind's 4th Grade class at Haynes Street School and our nimble-fingered Sue Schuster.

Art Tour Update

Thanks to members’ enthusiastic response, the Metro Rail Art Tour will be our next major event. Fundraising VP Mary Ann Ostrom has a specially tailored itinerary all set to go July 12. Many seats are spoken for; but where there's a will, there's a way…if you get your reservations in immediately.

Unruly Students

I want to bring you up to date on an issue affecting your library. Those of you who come in on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are probably well aware of the conduct of some middle school students. This has been a problem that—despite everyone's efforts—doesn't seem to improve. On March 20, several of us met with the LA Board of Library Commissioners and requested additional Security on those days. We also asked them to look into the feasibility of security cameras in the foyer and rotunda areas so we could identify the disruptive students and document incidents.

As a result, we have had some additional Security presence although the guards are limited in their authority. We have had a visit from Library Administration (Security and Facilities) and have been promised a security gate at the back of the library and a contractor to assess possible camera installation.

I would like to say the situation is improved, but so far, not much has actually been done. We welcome any suggestions anyone might have. You may leave ideas with the library Staff. We promise to respond, and will keep you informed of developments…when they happen.

Behind the Scenes

Our volunteer candidate this month is Warren Bromund. Warren spends many, many hours helping sort the hundreds of books that are donated. The Board, Shel Schuster especially, greatly appreciates his efforts.


The May General Meeting took place after this newsletter was printed. The August issue will bring you a full report on the Board Elections and the presentation by Jennifer Mok, a landscape architect representing the Theodore Payne Foundation.

Terry Haney

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