Platt's 8th Birthday Had It All!

As the crowds attending Platt's 8th Birthday celebration can attest, the festivities provided everyone with everything they needed for a rousing good time. In ample measure! Birthday traditions were observed with verve, and the speeches were short. Bookstalls were loaded with choice selections. Performers entertained, amused, amazed with lively Úlan. Tasty tidbits and party favors flowed with great enthusiasm. Activities and crafts engaged. The clouds even parted to let a perfectly sunny day shine through. And that's really all anyone could want to say about an event intended to be pure fun. Some choice glimpses of the action, however, are another matter:




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Sue Schuster (right) and students from Mrs. Schneiderwind's 4th Grade class at Haynes Street School added another great quilt to Senior Librarian Jan Metzler's collection.

Balloonman Russell Lund (in background) once again delighted youngsters of all ages.

Birthday Party Coordinator Millie Berger and Friends President Terry Haney said little and smiled lots. The intent-looking gentleman to Terry's left is volunteer bookseller John Reeve. The talents of Children's Librarian Nancy Brennan produced the birthday poster. Driver Scott Tease from Reseda Maintenance yard brought the street sweeper, and LA City Fire Captain Gaer, Engineer Knowlton, and Firemen Clements & Newcomb manned the fire engine.

Even their gravity-defying leaps didn't keep the Cleary Irish Dancers from going after the books, books, books that kept volunteers Nancy Reeve and Sid & Muriel Eiduson busy all day (and Shel Schuster charging back and forth).

Director Roger Fletcher's El Camino Chamber Ensemble began the festivities. Singer/Storyteller Mark Beckwith enthralled our youngest patrons, and Ronald McDonald enchanted them all over again. And for a grand finale, Choreographer/Teacher Margaret Cleary's Irish dancers stole everyone's breath away with an awesome display of Celtic virtuosity.

While Annette Berger launched hundreds and hundreds of balloons, volunteers Ruth Bromund, Sharon Schuster, and Ellie Haney (and Muriel Eiduson, Debbie Grys, Annie Haas, Mary McKoy, Mary Anne Ostrom, and Nancy Reeve) dispensed bushels and gallons of refreshments. (That's Platt's stalwart gardener, Ed Berger, in the background.)

Nothing beats getting one's face painted by student volunteers Christina Sanchez, Scott Miller, and Sarah Ip. Unless it's acquiring an airbrush tattoo from Don Schuster and his helpful son, Michael. Or making wind chimes, bunny cups, thumb-art cards, and handpuppets with the cheerful assistance of Lynn Durbin, Annie Haas (with Millie Berger, Julie Booth and Mary McKoy), Jenna Booth, and Megan Whitaker.


More Tradition


Book Bargains Galore


Entertainers Par Excellence


Good Goodies


Popular Activities & Crafts


A Merry, Memorable Day at Platt Library!

Friends Metro Rail Art Tour Set for Saturday, July 12 from 8:45am to 2:30pm

Thanks to members’ enthusiastic input, we're all set for our Docent-guided tour of MTA-commissioned art works in the Metro Rail train stations. Since we knew what we wanted, Metro Art custom-designed a route that includes the best of both the Downtown and Hollywood areas.

Our 2-hour rail tour will start with the Hollywood/Highland station's spectacular projected images. From there, we'll ride the Red Line to two or three more stations—definitely including the original murals and new installations at Union Station. (Please note, a fair amount of walking is involved.) The tour will end back in Hollywood, with extra time allotted for sightseeing or lunch. And bus transportation from/to Platt Branch is included.

But Reservations Are Limited

We have a total of 45 seats for Friends Members and their guests age 12 or over. Well over half have been spoken for to date. So if you want to climb aboard for a remarkable adventure, fill out the reservation form on the back cover and mail it in NOW!

For more information, pick up an info sheet in the Bookstore, visit our website at, or contact me at (818) 346-0648 or

Mary Ann Ostrom, Fundraising V.P.


It's not a party without treats. Hospitality Chairman Ellie Haney (left) and one of our newest volunteers, Debbie Grys, were kept busy serving delicious cakes, cookies, and ice cream donated by Albertson's, Don Hunt, McDonalds, Pavillions, Plusko's Bakery, Vons, and Wendy's.

Bushels of Thanks to our Birthday Benefactors!

We couldn't possibly have thrown such a beautiful birthday bash without the contributions, donated services, and special talents we received from the following businesses and individuals. Please show your personal appreciation by patronizing local businesses and recommending the artists you admired.

Millie Berger, Birthday Party Coordinator






Albertson's Market (Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills)





Boeing Rocketdyne (West Hills)




Green Jug Liquor (Platt Ave., Woodland Hills)





Don Hunt (West Hills)





Jim's Market (Fallbrook Ave., Woodland Hills)





McDonalds/Donna Teck (Platt Ave., West Hills)




Fast Food

Orchard Supply (Victory Blvd., West Hills)




Garden & Hardware

Pavillions Market (Platt Ave., West Hills)





Plusko's Bakery (Sherman Way, Canoga Park)




Baked Goods

Ralph's Market (Victory Blvd., West Hills)





Target (Fallbrook Square, West Hills)




Department Store

Vons Market (Mulholland Blvd., Woodland Hills)





Wendy's (Platt Ave., West Hills)





Mike Beckwith





Cleary Irish Dancers/Margaret Cleary




Dance Instruction & Programs

El Camino High Ensembles/Roger Fletcher, director



Music Department

Russell Lund




Balloon Artist

Los Angeles Fire Department, Station 105

Los Angeles City Maintenance Department

Don & Michael Schuster – Air Brush Tattooing

Sarah Ip & Scott Miller & Christina Sanchez – Face Painting

Sue Schuster & Mrs. Schneiderwind's 4th Grade Class at Haynes Street School – Birthday Quilt

The generous community members who donated the books that make our book sales so outstanding.

The dedicated volunteers who worked so tirelessly

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