President's Message

On Saturday, April 12, Platt Library will celebrate its 8th Birthday. For some of us “area old-timers” it is hard to believe we have had a library for that length of time. Many of us can remember 30-plus years of just a sign on an empty plot of ground. Of course, a big day is planned. Under the watchful eye of Millie Berger, we have events scheduled for young and old, with plenty of refreshments for everyone, and Shel Schuster & Volunteers will present another gigantic Book Sale. (I understand Shel plans to have over 10,000 mostly new selections available. Friends definitely shouldn't miss their Friday evening Presale.)

Scared Thoughtful

At our February General Meeting, LAPD Detective Debra Kane alerted a full house to Financial Crime and its prevention. As a result, I expect shredder sales at Staples and Office Depot jumped significantly the next day. Pretty scary stuff. Thanks to Program Chairman Frona DeCovnick for lining up a very interesting speaker, and many thanks to Detective Kane for a comprehensive look at a real problem we all face.

Thoughtful Drops

Speaking of problems, a reminder not to leave sacks of books unattended (either returns or donations) if the two book drops are full or clogged. We recently had a major problem over a weekend when sacks of library system books and tapes were thrown into the flood control channel and ruined. If you can't gain access to repositories, please wait until a weekday to return materials(without fines).

Positive Facts

Membership VP Ruth Bromund reports that Friends membership has climbed over 470. Also, did you know that, even with branches reopening, Platt is the 5th busiest of LAPL's 68 branches? That says a lot for Senior Librarian Jan Metzler, her fine staff, and all the Friends and volunteers that make it possible.

Art Training Ahead

Mary Ann Ostrom, our VP for fundraising, is organizing a Metro Rail Art Tour for July 12, 19 or 26. Some members have been on these tours and are ready to go back again. Since we need a goodly number to qualify as a tour group, Mary Ann needs to hear from interested members before she can firm up the details.

Behind the Scenes

Another volunteer who deserves special note is Friends member Darris Reilly. A long-time hand in the Bookstore, at Book Sales, and processing books in-house, Darris also reviews the audiotapes and CDs that patrons say are defective. She takes them home, runs through them, and returns them to Adult Librarian Sherry Brent with recommendations. Thanks, Darris, for shouldering this essential and time-consuming task.

Terry Haney

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