Natives Relieve Overworked Gardeners!


Do you long for a garden that needs little water, no pampering, and minimal maintenance—but still delights with bright blooms, exotic textures, and fragrant shrubs? Then mark our May 22 General Membership Meeting on your calendar now!

Landscaping with California Natives is the program topic, and few—if any—know this subject better than members of the Theodore Payne Foundation. For the last hundred years, Mr. Payne and then his foundation have been researching, rescuing, propagating, and promoting the use of local plants.

If you're planning a landscaping project, don't miss this chance to learn about the amazing variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals that prefer our weather cycle and thrive without fertilizer or soil amendments. Even if you love slaving over nonnative favorites, you'll gain valuable tips on what to plant where they refuse to grow.

The program begins at 7:30 pm, after the Friends annual election of officers.

A Pinch of Paranoia, A Peck of Good Sense

At our February General Meeting, a large audience gathered to hear Detective Debra Kane, a veteran of the LAPD Financial Crimes Division, speak on mail fraud and identity theft. She spoke with conviction and passion. In a clear, concise, direct manner she enumerated precautions that need to be addressed in order to:

Become a Smaller Target...

To dissuade mail fraud

  1. *Never mail checks from your household mailbox.
  2. Consolidate your bank accounts. (The more numbers out there, the more to steal. The more accounts, the more you'll forget.)
  3. Have reordered checks sent to your bank to avoid tell-tale packages on your doorstep or in an open mailbox.
  4. Get a locking mailbox.
  5. Do not leave your checkbook exposed. Lock up your checks.
  6. Consistently reconcile your bank statement(s).

To lessen the possibility of identity theft

  1. *Get a cross cut shredder and use it.
  2. Have two credit cards only—one for everyday and one for an emergency (with a third exclusively for on-line purchases if you buy via the Internet).
  3. Always keep an eye on the person processing your credit card.
  4. Never carry Social Security or PIN numbers with you.
  5. Review statements and verify unfamiliar charges immediately.

If you do nothing else, the items with an asterisk (*) are absolutely essential.

In the paper recently, there have been numerous articles on the same subjects that Detective Kane addressed. She explained that these crimes are becoming easier to commit because of increased accessibility to the victim and the inability to track down the pyramid of those involved. Since there are only three Financial Crimes Detectives for the San Fernando Valley, and over 500 cases reported a month, only two percent of the cases are solved. Therefore, it is essential that safeguards be taken in order to decrease the ability and opportunity for theft to occur. It is easier to steal with a pen than with a gun. Heed Detective Kane's advice!

Frona DeCovnick, Program Chairman


Just the facts:

What: A half-day excursion. Docent-guided rail tour visits 3 to 5 selected stations in one general area and lasts about 2 hours

When: A Saturday Morning in July
(2nd, 3rd or 4th Saturday under consideration)

Who: Friends Members and guests age 12 and over

Cost: $5 per person

Refreshments and transportation from/to Platt Branch included

Special Friends Metro Rail Art Tour

Calling all art lovers who've been meaning to check out LA's Metro Rail. Here's your chance to take a Docent-guided tour of the Metro Rail system that focuses on the MTA-commissioned murals and sculptures at each stop. 

The Friends who've already taken this excursion say it's a great way to view cutting-edge work by local artists and a carefree half-day outing they'd like to repeat. So I'm organizing a Metro Rail Art Tour package for members and their guests (age 12 and over), with transportation from and to Platt Branch.

But we have to guarantee enough participants. Also, since there are a number of tours, each through a different area, I'd like to know your preference before selecting one and setting a specific date in July. If interested, use the advance sign-up form below.

Metro Art Tour brochures are available in the Friends Bookstore, along with an advance sign-up sheet. You can sign on there, as well. Or contact me directly at the numbers below.

Whichever, please let me hear from you by April 30 at the latest!

As soon as I can firm up the date, we'll send you a complete information and reservation package.

Mary Ann Ostrom, Fundraising VP
(818) 346-0648 or e-mail

Tour Descriptions and Advance Sign-up


The tour specifics vary over time as the temporary exhibits change, but here's a fair sample of the kinds of installations on each route. You can get an advance peek at the wonders of riding the LA rails at the MTA Website.

Please check the box to the left of the route(s) you would prefer (if any).


San Fernando Valley Area (Metro Red Line) – Visit the three newest stations in the Valley, take a trip back in time to the Mexican American War, gaze upon kaleidoscopic images, discover what creature lies beneath the streets of Hollywood…and more.


Hollywood Area (Metro Red Line) – Experience enormous rock sculptures, find 10,000 thought-provoking questions, and fossils, and a yellow brick road, and historical Red Car replicas, and a “stellar” sculpture…


Downtown Area (Gateway Transit Center & Metro Red Line) – Explore the new Transit Center, discover whimsical bus shelters, dancing lights, flying men, bird sounds, industrial angels…


Central Los Angeles Area (Metro Blue Line) – Join in a game of hide-n-seek, explore the South Central Codex, sit on a spool of thread, make a wish, discover portraits of past and present Central Avenue artists…


South Bay Area (Metro Green Line) – Encounter a 30-foot hand and a “paper” airplane, large medallions, concrete living room furniture, butterfly benches, an interactive “space” museum…


Long Beach Area (Metro Blue Line) – Admire stained glass, mosaics, porcelain enamel “paintings”, kinetic sculptures…



Daytime Phone:  

E-mail Address:  

Number of Reservations Desired:  

Acceptable Date(s):  

July 12 19 26


Only one tour and one date will be selected. A complete reservation package will be mailed to you as soon as these have been confirmed. You must be a Friends of the Platt Library member to request reservations, but you can invite non-member guests.


will be held at the General Membership Meeting
Thursday, May 22 at 7 pm

Nominations are still open for Publicity Chairman. If you'd like to volunteer yourself or another Friends member, call Nomination Committee Chairman Harriet Strauss at (818) 888-7766.

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