Fundraising Events

What a great holiday season! I hope every Friends member enjoyed themselves as much as those of us who participated in the Third Annual Children's Holiday Boutique and the Barnes & Noble Fundwrap sessions in December.

Children's Boutique just keeps getting better

“Go ahead, make my day.” Harriet Strauss, poised to hot-glue the photographer.

So industrious were our creative elves that the second workshop was canceled for lack of gifts left to assemble. Special thanks go to Millie Berger, Pam Bieber, and Eileen Bernfeld for turning their homes into veritable North Poles.

Major thanks are also due to Becky & Jenna & Julie Booth, Paula Connolly & grandson Corey, Elaine Corman, Lynn Durbin, Therese Hearn, Mary Ann Ostrom, Paula Russo, Sharon Schuster, Harriet Strauss, Lyall Thompson, and Megan Whitaker for helping make this event such a success.

Corey Connolly (right) helps kids select a variety of beautifully hand-crafted gifts.

At least twice as many children shopped the Boutique itself than did the year before, and by 3:00, they'd pretty much cleared the tables. Fortunately, we solved the wrapping problem with nifty take-out cartons, paper bags, and rubber stamps (thanks again, Millie). It was quite an afternoon, and we took in $193 for the Library. Not shabby considering most items were priced at 25 and 50 cents.

As for gift-wrapping at Barnes & Noble…

Fundwrappers Lyall Thompson (left) and Vivian Estabrook.

Millie Berger, Vivian Estabrook, Therese Hearn, Harriet Strauss, Lyall Thompson, and my husband Sherm Ostrom & I spent two days chatting with book lovers while they added $105 to Library funds. We even met some community volunteers interested in joining the Friends.

Thanks, everyone, for doing such a great job and helping us all have such a good time.

Mary Ann Ostrom, Fundraising VP

Entertainment Books

Once again the Friends had a successful sale of Entertainment Books. A total of one hundred and six books were sold during October, November, and December. This resulted in earning $439, which will be put to use for the benefit of the library.

Many thanks to those of you who purchased books, and to the very patient Bookstore volunteers who worked to sell them.

Ethel Margolin

Special Thanks to Recent Donors




Ed & Millie Berger

Memory of Harvey Shenkin

Reference Book

Employees Community Fund of Boeing Southern California*

General Funds

Computer Programming Books & Media

*Friends Of The Platt Library is especially grateful for a grant in the amount of $2000—twice the amount requested!

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