Our August Book Sale was one of our most successful. People from all over are getting the message that Platt book sales are terrific. Thanks to all the donors, the buyers, and the volunteers who team up to help us raise funds for the Platt Library.

Volunteers who assisted in the Book Sale—Barbara Abromovitch, Ed & Millie Berger, Pam Bieber, Ruth & Warren Bromund, Elaine Corman, Frona & Stan DeCovnick, Dorothy East, Muriel & Sid Eiduson, Ken Fermoyle, Jesse Goldbaum, Therese Hearn, JoAnn Hilston, Eva Huemrich, Paul Kennedy, Willa Kurtz, Kelli Lee, Richard Lee, Ron Larson, Ellen Marshall, Cece Mestman, Charlene Montante, Eileen O'Neill, Mary Ann Ostrom, John & Nancy Reeve, Darris Reilly, Peggy Richman, Paula Russo, Sharon & Shel Schuster, Harriet Strauss, Michelle Watts,and Nina Wilson—deserve special appreciation.

Welcome to our new volunteers at the Bookstore and Book Sales: Dale Bisharat, Fay Deen Doyen, Ann Fisk, Jacqueline Hinkston, Eva Huemrich, Ron Larson, Kelli Lee, Richard Lee, and Linda Terry.

And what would the Friends do without those tireless super workers who spend hours sorting and pricing the donations: Shel Schuster and Warren Bromund and Millie Berger, assisted by John Reeve. Thanks, as well, to the many Bookstore volunteers who make it possible for library patrons to enjoy purchasing books each day.

Anyone who would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Elaine Corman.

Elaine Corman, Volunteer Coordinator


Voter Information Series

October 8, 17, & 30, 6:30–9 pm

We need more Friends to help set-up and serve refreshments. If you can lend a hand any of these evenings, email Volunteer Coordinator Elaine Corman

Children's Boutique

Project planning: November 8, 3:30–5 pm

Gift-Creation Workshops: November 14 & 21, 6:30–8 pm

Lots of helpers—all ages—are needed to design and assemble gift items. Creative craftsmen are in great demand. We also have plenty of work for anyone who can bend a pipe cleaner, attach trim, refrain from eating the candy canes. It's fun and a great chance to meet other Friends. Plus, the second Workshop coincides with a Pajama Storytime so those with preschoolers don't have to engage a baby-sitter to participate.

Boutique Event itself: December 7, 12 noon to 3 pm

We also need volunteers to help the children select their purchases—and plenty of gift-wrappers. Last year we bottlenecked every time a young shopper presented a bagfull of items that had to be wrapped individually. The more, in this case, is definitely the merrier.

All interested in any of these tasks should contact Fundraising V.P. Mary Ann Ostrom...ASAP!

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