President's Message

Welcome to a New Fiscal Year

As you are undoubtedly aware by the in and out traffic, Platt Branch is very busy—one of the five busiest branches in the Los Angeles City Library system. We are indeed fortunate to have such a great staff and facility to work with.

Many thanks to all of the Friends Members who provide countless hours of time and significant donations of books and funds to make our bookstore and book sales such a success. It is through your efforts this past year that the Platt Friends have provided over $35,000 to the library for purchase of books, Books on Tape, and many facility improvements.


All last year's Board Members contributed immensely to Friends’ activities. Most recently, Mary Ann Ostrom furthered community outreach with a Father's Day gift-wrapping fund-raiser at Barnes & Noble. Shel Schuster and Elaine Corman orchestrated another massive book sale. Frona DeCovnick increased turnout for Board elections by scheduling the popular Kara Knack & Griffith Observatory Sidewalk Stargazing, and Eileen O'Neill kept the crowd supplied with ample hospitality. Ours is truly a working board.

This Year's Board

Fortunately, most members chose to keep on working, although some are returning in a different capacity.

Elected Members



 Terry Haney

1st Vice President (Fundraising) 

 Mary Ann Ostrom

2ndVice President (Membership) 

 Ruth Bromund

Recording Secretary 

 Eileen O'Neill

Corresponding Secretary 

 Paula Russo


 Stan DeCovnick

Appointed Members


Past President 

 Millie Berger

Newsletter Editor 

 Therese Hearn


 Ellie Haney

Programs/Special Events 

 Frona DeCovnick


 Annie Haas



Civic Affairs 

 Hermalee Schmidt

Book Store/Book Sales 

 Shel Schuster

Volunteer Coordinator 

 Elaine Corman


 Harriet Strauss


 David Perrell

Senior Librarian 

 Jan Metzler

Looking Forward

We hope that this coming year will be even better for our library. Many of the major internal improvements have been completed, and our emphasis in the coming year will be on providing the funding for a wide range of books, tapes and other materials for all age groups. To this end, the Board has scheduled an additional book sale (and newsletter) for a total of six per year.

And Certainly Not Least

Many thanks to Millie Berger, the outgoing Board President, for her prodigious energy these last 3 years and for all her efforts to ensure that we had a smooth transition for the incoming Board Officers.

Terry Haney, President 2002–2003

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