Fun and Flair Mark Platt's Anniversary Party

Hundreds of community members took advantage of balmy weather to spend April 20th celebrating Platt Branch's 7th birthday.

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A real 3-ring extravaganza, the festivities started off with adults crowding into the book sale while teens and kids learned about hip hop dancing from the popular and charming movement arts expert, Aliyah Agins. Later in the morning, the West Valley Recorder Consort presented an exquisite musical tribute to Platt Branch. Meanwhile—outside—Russell Lund once again intrigued children with his balloon animals, and Ronald McDonald roped children and parents alike into a great program all about reading and library skills. (Thank goodness the adults managed to tie with the kids in a final quiz round.)


Two presentations highlighted the afternoon welcome. Sheree Adams, field representative, graciously presented the first, a birthday proclamation from Councilman Dennis Zine. Then some of the students who helped create the traditional birthday quilt presented it to Senior Librarian Jan Metzler. Friends member Sue Schuster did a marvelous job of assembling individual squares, designed by students of Ms. Baca's 4th grade class at Welby Way School, into a quilt with borders matching the library's color scheme.


In keeping with a “country” motif, Bill Knopf and Tom Corbett from the Blue Grass Pickin’ Parlor played virtuoso blue grass medleys, followed by some fancy line dancing by Sheila's Sassy Steppers, who even drew some adventurous Friends into the action. Not to be outdone, master storyteller Bill Howard fascinated everyone with his delightful tales. The afternoon closed on harmonious notes, sung by the Music Mavens, a Brandeis University choral group.


In addition to all the great performances, children were able to clamber around the fire engines, the patrol car, and the street sweeper, as well as make a variety of crafts, get body tattoos (courtesy of Don & Michael Schuster), and have faces painted by teen volunteers.

Visitors throughout the day consumed vast quantities of food and drinks provided through the generosity of local merchants. They also purchased huge numbers of donated books in what turned out to be the most successful book sale ever held by the Friends. The proceeds (over $4000!) will finance further library acquisitions.

Grateful Thanks to our Birthday Donors!

      Scrumptious cakes—generously contributed by Pavilions, Plusko’s Bakery, and Vons El Camino—were gobbled by grateful partygoers as fast as Membership Vice President Ruth Bromund could cut and serve them.

Our sincerest thanks to all these businesses and individuals who graciously made contributions and donated services to help make the 7th Annual Birthday celebration of Platt Branch so successful. Please also show your personal appreciation to local businesses by patronizing them.

Millie Berger, Birthday Party Coordinator




Albertson's (Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills)



Boeing Rocketdyne (West Hills)


Carl's Jr. (Platt Ave., Woodland Hills)


Fast Food

Drinking Water Depot (Saticoy St., Winnetka)


Drinking Water

Green Jug Liquor (Platt Ave., Woodland Hills)



Don Hunt (West Hills)



McDonald's (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Fast Food

Orchard Supply (Victory Blvd., West Hills)



Pavilions (Platt Ave., West Hills)



Plusko's (Sherman Way, Canoga Park)



Ralph's (Victory Blvd., West Hills)



Starbucks (Platt Ave, West Hills)



Starbucks (Victory Blvd., West Hills)



Vons (Mulholland Blvd., Woodland Hills)



Wendy's (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Fast Food

Aliyah Agins


Dance Instruction

Bill Howard


Bill Knopf & Tom Corbett


Blue Grass Music

Russell Lund


Balloon Artist

Melody Mavens


Choral Music

Sheila's Sassy Steppers


Line Dancing

West Hills Recorder Consort

Recorder Music

Los Angeles Fire Department Station 105



Los Angeles Police Department, West Valley



City of Los Angeles Street Cleaning Division




Our 7th year drew to a close with our annual birthday inside-outside

super book sale. While sales have always been good, the closing of many nearby libraries for rebuilding pushed us over the $4000 mark for the first time. Donations have also been brisk, so almost all the books at the one-day sales were shown for the first time. In addition, the increased patronage of the library has led to an almost 50% increase in bookstore sales. Even the “free” cart at the door is making money in donations. It's tough to keep up, but with the great support of our many volunteers, we continue to provide a great source of books at rock-bottom prices. If you haven't been in the bookstore, drop by on your next visit to the library.

The increase in donations has strained our storage facilities, so we plan on having six one-day sales this coming year. We're getting books that range from over 100 years old to recent 2002 publications. After the library reviews them and keeps the ones needed for its collection, the rest are sorted and as many as possible put in the store for immediate sale. While we don't keep records, I'd guess at least 25–50 books/videos/CDs/etc. go directly into the library each week. Keep 'em coming. You can bring them to the library any time it's open. (But please, not the week before a sale. We can't process them till after, and they're in the way.)

If you'd like to participate in the sales or work in the bookstore a few hours a week, drop by and leave your name or contact Elaine Corman at 347-5602.

Shel Schuster, Bookstore Manager

A Grand Run Down Rio LA!


Patt Morrison's jaunt down El Rio de Los Angeles and how she came to write her best seller, Rio LA: Tales from the Los Angeles River, enthralled the crowd attending our April 8 program. Those eager for “Ms. L.A.’s” more general insights, as well, weren't disappointed. As she does in her beautifully designed and illustrated book, Ms. Morrison evoked images of the city's movers and shakers in every twist of El Rio y Valle de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de la Porciúncula's ever-changing course.

Patt Morrison signs Friends Recording Secretary Ellie Haney's copy of Rio LA while Elaine Corman, our Volunteer Coordinator and bookseller-for-the-evening, doesn't quite manage to duck out of the picture.

After a stimulating discussion, questions were elicited from the audience. Ms. Morrison then graciously autographed her books. Angel Press deserves special thanks for providing a large stack of her latest book on consignment, with the profit from sales benefiting Platt Library. My thanks, also, to all who helped make this program possible! Those fortunate enough to hear Patt Morrison experienced a memorable evening, indeed.

Frona DeCovnick, Program Chairman

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