Teen Body Art

Body art rocks at Platt Thursday, May 16. From 2:30-4:00 pm, teens can receive a free henna temporary tattoo. As licensed artists from Timid Tattoos draw exquisite free-hand designs on their bodies, they’ll learn about the ancient East Indian art form known as "Mehndi"--a tradition developed as much for guys as for gals, Mehndi is executed with a paste made from the dried leaves of the henna plant. Potential participants can research the history and safety of henna tattoos by visiting the TimidTattoos website.

Vicki Clarke, Young Adult Librarian

Displaying Variety

In February, Friends member JoAnn Hilston displayed her collection of historical San Fernando Valley post cards. My, how the valley has changed.


Merlyn Sheets is presently showing his collection of fossils from the Santa Monica Mountains. Merlyn has collected these over the years right here in our own back yard.

Tom and Julie Booth will have a rabbit display in April. They raise rabbits, and there will be a lot of information about the lovable furry animals.

In May, Mitzi Szerlip will display Needlework from the Pomegranate Guild. The handwork of the Guild members is not only beautiful but has historical significance as well.

If you have a special interest or collection that you would like to share with the Platt community, please call Adult Librarian Janet Gast at (818)340-9386 or Harriet Strauss at (818)888-7766.

Harriet Strauss, Past President

On a Sour Note

While dealing with the increased demands created by closures, Platt Branch has also experienced an increase in vandalism and malicious mischief. Some is the result of less time to supervise more youngsters. Some is more serious.

Within the last few months, the branch has had five fires set in the public restrooms. Now the restrooms must be locked. This burdens everyone, including the staff. But apparently feeling that they are being unfairly disciplined, some teenagers have responded with rude language and gestures that, in turn, have offended equally blameless patrons and volunteers.

Instances of graffiti are on the rise. The sprinkler system has been attacked twice. A recent incident involved smearing mustard and ketchup on cars in the parking lot. And skateboarders zipping across the parking lot entrance in front of cars and throughout the pavilion entry pose a continuing problem.

Because most of the disruption takes place just after school lets out, the Friends Board has established contact with local middle school parent-teacher associations. Young Adult Librarian Dan Cormier recently addressed concerned parents and faculty at a Hale Middle School PTSA meeting to alert them to library issues. In turn, the Hale PTSA made us aware they are working to provide on-campus, supervised, after-school skateboard ramps (soon!), and Hale has opened its library Monday and Wednesdays from 1 to 3:30 PM. They’ve agreed to help inform parents of Platt’s difficulties. We’ve agreed to help them promote Hale’s after-school programs. It’s an important start.

Relative to the vandalism, however, the library needs support from all Friends members. You’re our best means of communicating the library’s concerns. Please be sure your children (and grandchildren) understand the library has no other way to guard them against injury. Please spread the fact to your local schools, churches, and civic groups that a few miscreants are endangering community property--and pass any suggestions back to us. You also can help by being especially aware of and reporting any unusual activity on the library grounds to a librarian at the Reference Desk during the day, or by posting a message on the Senior Librarian’s message link at the library web site (www.plattlibrary.org) after hours.

If we all act in concert to stop unacceptable behavior now, we can avoid more devastating consequences in the future. Thanks for caring.

Jan Metzler, Senior Librarian

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