Continued Growth

We now (as of January 3, 2002) send 415 newsletters to member families, individuals, schools and businesses. The library and the community appreciate each one of you.

Seventeen Friends have joined since the last newsletter. Please welcome...

Michael Brennan

Pete McCabe

Cyndi Cruz

Jeanne Pedersen & Scott Prewitt

Ninette & Larry Golub

Amylynn Robinson

Tony Graves

Kim Stiles

Sharon Gugler

Maureen and Claire Tzavalas

Cheryl Hanasab & Kenny Pruitt

Joan & Tim Vos

Murray Handler

Ray Weiss

Richard G. Lee

Audrey H. Woh

Wendy Madnick & Chris Schnitzer

Life and Sustaining Members

The librarians are busy right now selecting the books to be added to the collection in honor of our Life and Sustaining Members. The next time you see a big, expensive book on the shelves, look inside the cover--it may have a bookplate saying it was donated by one of them.

This is the time of year when we traditionally also show our appreciation for these members by listing them. So, with many thanks, we do so here.

Ruth Bromund,
Membership V.P. 887-9227

In Appreciation of Our Life & Sustaining Members

Gerald & Joy Picus · Sam & Jackie Steg


Lorraine Anderson · Wally & Lila Aurich · Edward & Mildred Berger · George & Flora Buchler · Nancy Jo & Steve Bush · Janet Change · Sue Cook · Joseph Dautremont, DDS · Boyd & Kate Davis · Arthur & Doris Dell · Bob & Nancy Eisenhart · Virgene & Charles Engberg · Linda & Russell England · Rodney & Sharon Farris · Aileen & Bob Feinstein · Eileen Florman · Leanne & Eric Foxman · Nick T. & Janice C. Garris · Ravindra & Rohini Ghate · Dorothy & Harold Gillmann · Thomas H. & Louise Golberg · E. J. Gold · Charles & Karen Gold · Mark & Suzy Greenberg · Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Greene · Martin & Rhoda Howard · Kathy Igo and Peter & Teddy Tinker · Willa & Lou Kurtz · Barbara & Tom Littlefield · Yvonne & Stuart Lorch · Liz Newman · Jack & Bernice O’Connell · Ruth & Milton H. Rieders · Liz Rogers · Margaret P. Romano · Jill & Richard Rubenstein · Carol Rupnik · Sue & Don Schuster and Family · Harriet Segurson · Catherine & Timothy Smirnoff · Soni & Mel Stahler · Harriet & Dan Strauss · Mary K. & Adrian Vandenberg · Marcia & Robert Weingarten  · Harold West · Wilfred · Family of Raymund Wood · Margaret & Cayan Young · Martha & George Zoloth


Lee & Evelyn Ballsun · Gary & Joy Barr · JoAnn & Vincent Bartold · Pamela & Jay Bieber · Benny & Janet Chang · Ann & George Charney · Kevin & Lisa Clark · Jason & Diana C. Costantino · Michael & Ginny Gibbs · Jesse & Margaret Goldbaum · John & Verdell Gurnee · Ellie & Terry Haney · Judith A. Holtz · Bailey Hutchins · Jim & Bertha Kalp · Paul & Suanne Kawazoe · Martha V. Lane · Richard & Carole Leff · Russel & Edith Lippman · Terry & Laurie MacAdam · Dorothy & Gilbert Omens · Ron & Diana Palmer · Burton & Sheri Rosenberg · Richard & Hermalee Schmidt · Sharon & Shel Schuster · Sue Strickland · Sharon & Andrea Suarez · Virginia Teslik · Flo A. Weber · Nina Wilson

“Thank you for your continued support” doesn’t begin to express our deep appreciation for the moral, financial, and (in so many cases) hands-on assistance these individuals have lavished on Platt Library and Friends of The Platt Library over the years.

Friends of The Platt Library Board

Be a Friend!

Memberships in the Friends of the Platt Library are win-win relationships. Besides providing additional funding for our library, they also give opportunities for new friendships, socializing, and volunteering—as well as community recognition for your support of a worthy cause. If that's not enough incentive, you also get a printed copy of this newsletter in the mail…what an excellent investment!

To become a member, give a membership as a gift, or renew your existing membership, just fill out the form below and click the ‘PRINT’ button. Write a check payable to Friends of the Platt Library and send it along with the printed form to:

Friends of the Platt Library
23600 Victory Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

...or bring them to the library in person. Thank you!


I/we want to join/ renew for the July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 membership period at this membership level:


  Life – $200 one-time payment

  Supporting – $25

  Business/school – $100

  Basic Family – $15

  Sustaining – $50

  Basic Individual – $10

I have enclosed my company's gift matching form to double my money.

Please contact me/us about volunteering to help with library or Friends activities.





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Business Members

Click on a business card to open a member's website.

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