Children's Holiday Boutique


A good time was enjoyed by children of all ages when they shopped at the Second Annual Holiday Boutique at Platt Library on December 8th.


The children were able to buy inexpensive gifts for their parents, family, and friends, aided by Santa's Elves (aka The Friends of Platt Library). Some kids came with long, long lists, and then enjoyed the added bonus of free gift wrapping! This was a bargain not to be missed. More than one young shopper asked, "You're going to do this again next year, aren't you?" (When we do, we will definitely need more gift-wrapping elves. They intend to tell all their friends.)


Lyall Thompson, Annie Haas, and Paula Russo wrap works of art in works of art.

A huge Thank You to the many volunteers who expended much time and talented effort in making this event happen, both by crafting the lovely gift items and in staffing the Boutique. Specifically: Millie Berger, Eileen Bernfield,  Julie & Tom & Tommy & Becky & Jenna Booth, Elaine Corman, Lynn Durbin, Carol Franko, Annie Haas, Therese Hearn, Eileen ONeill, Laura & Mary Ann Ostrom, David Perrell, Paula Russo,  Sharon Schuster, Sue & Michael & Samantha Schuster, Janet Taylor, Lyall Thompson, Sherry Van Sickle, and Megan Whitaker.

Barnes & Noble Fund Wrap

Another big thank you toMillie Berger, Linda & Pam Bieber, Ruth Bromund, Therese Hearn, Annie Haas, Paula Russo,and Harriet Strauss for staffing the gift wrap table at Barnes & Noble on December 14th and 21st. And special thanks to Millie for producing rolls of ribbon from the trunk of her car. This wasnt quite as labor-intensive. However, the ladies made lots of new friends for Platt Library, in addition to earning funds for the group. Well done!

Mary Ann Ostrom
Fundraising V.P.

Special Thanks to Recent Donors




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