President's Message

California may have an energy shortage, but that can't be said of the Library Staff or Friends of Platt Library. Since the recent closing of several nearby libraries for rebuilding and expansion, the number of patrons has climbed accordingly and Platt Branch is virtually buzzing with activity. As a result we have added to our membership and increased our number of volunteers. We are delighted to have you all.


Isn't it wonderful to have extra parking spaces to alleviate some of the congestion? One of the greatest advantages is being able to exit either on Platt Avenue or further down on Victory Blvd. It certainly makes me feel a lot safer than having to come out of a driveway facing cross traffic and cars leaving from Platt Village across the street.

Artistic Credit

Over the last year, many lovely paintings by Art Instructor Helene Jukoff and her students at Reseda Community Adult School have brightened the walls in our magazine section. This rotating art display is on indefinite loan. If you haven't taken a good look yet, you should! Thanks to Helene's emphasis on mastery of many techniques, patrons have enjoyed a variety of styles and mediums, as well as a wide range of subjects.

Board 2001 - 2002

Some members are returning again this year; others are new faces. All are enthusiastic people who are a pleasure to have as Board members. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such dedicated individuals.

Elected Members

Mildred Berger
lst Vice Pres. (Fundraising)
Mary Ann Ostrom
2nd Vice Pres. (Membership)
Ruth Bromund
Co-Chair (Mailing)
Pam Bieber
Recording Secretary
Ellie Haney
Corresponding Secretary
Paula Russo
Terry Haney

Appointed Members

Past President
Harriet Strauss
Newsletter Editor
Therese Hearn
Eileen O'Neill
Programs/Special Events
Frona DeCovnick
Annie Haas
Civic Affairs
Hermalee Schmidt
Book Store/Book Sales
Shel Schuster
Volunteer Coordinator
Elaine Corman
Eileen Bernfeld
David Perrell
Jesse Goldbaum
Senior Librarian
Jan Metzler

Bylaw Change

At the May 30 General Meeting, members approved Bylaw changes that shifted membership categories and specific dollar amounts from the Bylaws to the Standing Rules to provide more flexibility for the Board to meet changing conditions.

Goals for the Year

Our goals this year remain much the same. We continue to work toward increasing membership of the Friends of Platt and its volunteer base. This is done through involving the community in library activities, programs, and field trips. Book sales, the bookstore, membership dues, and fundraisers provide money, which is then directed toward purchasing more books, materials, and media for library patrons. Additionally, we continue to provide funds for the enhancement of the physical facilities at Platt Branch.

Our thanks go to all of you who help us meet these aims through donations of both your money and time. We urge you to continue your support of these worthwhile goals.

Mildred Berger
President 2001 - 2002

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