Our Hospitable "Friends"

During the past year Friends volunteers have made the events held at Platt Library an enjoyable occasion. They greet, bake delectable goodies, and make the speaker and attendees feel most welcome. Many of these hosts' and hostesses' names appear elsewhere in our Newsletter; however, we want you to know them by name. So "Thanks!" to Millie Berger, Eileen Bernfeld, Pam Bieber, Ruth Bromund, Elaine Corman, Lynn Durbin, Nancy Eisenhart, Annie Haas, Teri Hagadorn, Ellie & Terry Haney, Eileen O’Neill, Nancy Reeve, Darris Reilly, Paula Russo, Hermalee Schmidt, Shel Schuster, and Harriet Strauss. Plus more thanks to Jan Metzler and Sherry Van Sickle and their gourmet desserts.

Harriet Strauss
Acting Hospitality Chairman

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