President's Message

Birthday Celebration

It was a great day! Each year's event just keeps getting better.

Special kudos to Sue Schuster for putting the Festival all together, and to Shel Schuster for the herculean task of making sure everyone had great book choices. The Festival could never take place without the dedication of all Friends volunteers. Thanks to those of you who sought food donations and picked them up from generous businesses, set up and dismantled equipment, served food, and helped with crafts, activities and the book sale. You are a fantastic group.

Picus Matching Results

As most of you know, at the birthday celebration last year, Joy Picus donated $1000 to the library for the Caldecott & Newberry Collection and challenged members to match it. We didn't make the $1000, but many Friends tried. As a result, an additional $500 went to purchase library materials. Thanks again to Joy and to other donors for your generosity.

Closing Another Year

June 30 marks the end of the Friends membership year and the 2000-2001 term of the Board.

Jan Metzler and her staff had a huge job running a library with the fourth largest circulation in the entire city. They certainly met the challenge, often operating with less than full staff. Now, the library has become even busier with the closing of two adjacent branches, and it becomes even more important for us to support them. Please consider volunteering in the coming year.

I am reminded of a story I read about a man in a small town. He was considered a bit eccentric because he always carried an oilcan wherever he went. As he walked through his neighborhood he dispensed a drop of oil on a squeaky gate hinge or a child's wagon axle. He oiled lawn mowers, baby carriages, and the paperboy's bike chain. He lubricated a stranded motorist's car jack, and he even took the squeak out of the County Clerk's swivel chair. The town chuckled and talked about how he must be a little "crazy," always carrying that little oilcan. The truth was that in small ways, he made things run a little smoother and easier wherever he went.

Friends are a bit eccentric in a similar way. They constantly work to help keep things running smoothly. They read to children, help process books, clean the exterior of the library, man the book store and book sales, offer hospitality at programs, raise funds to support the library, and "dispense a drop of oil" whenever and however the need arises.

I think they are "crazy" in the most positive and wonderful way. My personal appreciation goes to this year's Board members for their unstinting efforts, and my thanks to all of Platt's kind volunteers.

Millie Berger

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