Kathy LeBreton (center) receives the Boutique donation from Sharon Schuster (r.) and Millie Berger.

Fundraising News

In February, we were delighted to present approximately fifty books to the San Fernando Valley Child and Family Guidance Center. These books were purchased using the proceeds from the 2007 Annual Children's Holiday Boutique held last December. Each year the Friends Board selects a different community charity to be the recipient of funds derived from the boutique.

Speaking of the Children's Boutique…

Paula Russo’s armchair caddies sold out quickly.

We have a suggestion and “call to hands” for you. Are you NOT looking forward to a summer of television reruns? Need something to alternate between reading your favorite books or as you listen to an audio book? Why don't you sign up to do a small project at home—at times convenient for you—in preparation for the 2008 Boutique?

We supply the directions, the materials, and will even meet with you to show you “how”. We need your hands and hearts to make the many gift items we need. Don't be shy; we need people of any level of skill. You will be surprised what you can do and what we need.

Our first planning meeting will be in July. Project making will start then. Give me a call and I'll put your name on the list to contact.

Millie Berger, Fundraising VP

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