The Volunteer Connection

One More Time!

To the delight of our many patrons who have enjoyed our Super Sales, the Friends were able to accommodate them once more (because of special circumstances). Amazingly, many-many-many faithful volunteers were there to help on January 4th and 5th. These included: Barbara Abromovitch, Pat Backes, Pam Bieber, Millie Berger, Eileen Bernfeld, Phil Binderman, Ruth Bromund, Elaine Corman, Frona & Stan DeCovnick, Dan & Lynn Durbin, Muriel & Sid Eiduson, Jesse Goldbaum, Ted Haas, Ellie & Terry Haney, Therese Hearn, Shirley Hirschfeld, Leatha King, Ethel Margolin, CeCe Mestman, Eileen O'Neill, David Perrell, Nancy & John Reeve, Carol Roseman, Paula Russo, Don & Sharon & Shel Schuster, Lin Schonberger, and Sue Strickland. Additional thanks to Ed Berger & Millie, Warren Bromund, Frona & Stan, Jesse, David Schonberger, and Don Schuster, who did a tremendous job picking up and carting books from the Valley Swap Meet to the Multipurpose Room and setting up for the sale.

Unfortunately, this may be the last hurrah for such sales. But the Friends Bookstore is open each day the library is open, and thanks to spectacular donations, a great selections of books and tapes on all subjects are available. So here's another “Hats Off!” to Millie, Warren, Frona, and Shel, who daily sort out the donations and replenish the Bookstore with a continuous supply of books for all to enjoy. They do a tremendous job!

See you at the bookstore.

Elaine Corman
Harriet Strauss
Bookstore Volunteer Co-Coordinators


New Friends program

needs volunteers to assist Platt’s homebound patrons. (Details here.) Email Sharon Schuster.

Adult Literacy Tutors Needed

To volunteer as a tutor, you have to
1) be able to make a 6-month commitment to tutor 2-3 hours a week,
2) make an appointment to be interviewed by an area coordinator, and
3) complete a Tutor Training course.

There is now a Literacy Center in Platt Branch. To make an appointment, call Susan Casmier, Literacy Center Coordinator, at (213) 623-4078, extension 16590.

Readers Needed

Our GAB program needs a few more voices to read to children 2 hours a week (or every other week). Contact Children's Librarian Barbara Mattison at (818) 340-9386.

Platt Branch Volunteers—2007

Howard Benjamin
Ed Berger
Millie Berger
Rosalie Bergman
Eileen Bernfeld
Pam Bieber
Phil Binderman
Jessie Blue
Judy Boylan
Ruth Bromund
Warren Bromund
Dorothy Butler
Elaine Corman
Tim Culhane
Frona DeCovnick
Stan DeCovnick
Dan Durbin
Lynn Durbin
Judy Eichenbaum
Muriel Eiduson
Sid Eiduson
Virgene Engberg
Faye Faraldo
Donna Fellman

Sandra Fields
Caryl Frankle
Jesse Goldbaum
Susan Guttman
Annie Haas
Susan Haddox
Ellie Haney
Terry Haney
Therese Hearn
Shirley Hirschfeld
Trudy Jolicoeur
Leatha King
William Kunstmann
James Lamog
Martha MacIver
Freya Maneki
Ethel Margolin
Jo Merryfield
CeCe Mestman
Judie Mount
Jack O'Connell
Eileen O'Neill
David Perrell

Nancy Reeve
John Reeve
Darris Reilly
Peggy Richman
Carol Roseman
Samantha Roseman
Paula Russo
Erin Schaeffer
Sue Scheiner
Lin Schonberger
Samantha Schuster
Sharon Schuster
Shel Schuster
Sue Schuster
Francine Siff
Harriet Strauss
John Strickland
Sue Strickland
Joan Wagner
Michelle Watts
Hajime Yamada
Margaret Young
Andrea Zeller
Yvonne Zellmer

Our sincere and deep appreciation to the wonderful volunteers who worked during 2007.

The Friends of Platt Library Board    Lynn Light, Senior Librarian, and Staff

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