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QI loved the one-day book sales you used to have with so many books to choose from. Did the Friends lose a lot of income when they were stopped?

A: We miss the camaraderie and choices afforded by the one-day sales, too. However, we have been able to make up about 50% of the lost revenue in the Bookstore with a better selection of books. We also put books not likely to sell in the store on the Internet. With the increase in sales in the store and via the Internet, we should earn over $30,000—nearly as much as when we had the one-day sales, without the efforts required to move so many books in and out of the multipurpose room!

Your donations continue to be generous. Books we don't have room for are distributed among other libraries and non-profits, so nothing goes to waste.

Shel Schuster, Bookstore Manager

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