President's Message

New Directions for 2007-08: Amazing what 20 creative people can come up with in 20 minutes of brainstorming!

At the July Executive Board planning meeting, Board members generated ideas about how the Friends can meet their goals of increasing the number and variety of library services, increasing outreach to the community, and improving the administration of the Friends. We then prioritized the ideas to provide direction for implementation. Already three of the ideas are “in the works”, and others will follow soon.

The Friends have allocated $3000 to triple the number of Hot Off The Press books available. These are recently published books that circulate to Platt patrons exclusively for the first 6 months.

The Friends will solicit volunteers to provide service to Homebound patrons who request it.

Look for the Friends booth at the West Hills Fall Fest on Sunday, October 7. It is a great opportunity for outreach.

Other high priorities:

Support a teen youth group program to work with young readers.

Develop a community outreach program to help people become familiar with the library computer services.

Increase the number of audio books in the collection.

Distribute surplus book donations to retirement/convalescent homes.

Participate in the Read Across America and/or National Library Month to increase youth involvement.

Do you have ideas of how the Friends can meet our goals? Let us know! It could be the beginning of a new, important project!

Sharon Schuster, President

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