President's Message

Got E-mail? The Friends of the Platt Library prides itself on being a well-organized group. We try to provide all of our services in a friendly, supportive way, emphasizing positive interaction with members and the public. To that end, we have maintained a web site,, that provides useful information 24/7 (thanks to our Webmaster, David Perrell). 

Now we are initiating a new tool: an e-mail list of members. Via the Internet, we can send program reminders and notices of special events and book sales that might come up between quarterly newsletters. Yes, not everyone has access to e-mail. For those who do, however, we can utilize it to increase communications.

We propose to send regular messages once a month between newsletters and heads-up notices whenever something very special is scheduled on short notice. We will not share the e-mail list. We do not share our membership list with anyone.

Our trial run in April discovered some interesting things. Some of the e-mail addresses we had were out-of-date.  Also, some people, in these days of privacy concerns, block e-mails from unknown addresses. 

If you have e-mail, did not receive the April and May messages, and would like to receive the notices, please send your e-mail address to me at If you block e-mail from unknown addresses, please put on your list to receive messages. Of course, you can delete your address at any time by sending me a message.

My bet is that approximately three-fourths of our members have e-mail and we will find the e-mail list a useful adjunct to the newsletter. I'll let you know if I win the bet!

Good News Department

Election News

The following slate was nominated as Friends of the Platt Library officers for 2007–2008:



Sharon Schuster

First Vice President (Fundraising)


Millie Berger

Second Vice President (Membership)


Ruth Bromund

Recording Secretary


Freya Maneki

Corresponding Secretary


Annie Haas



Terry Haney

Since the elections were held at the May 21 General Meeting (which was after the newsletter press date), the results will be announced on the web site,, and in the September newsletter.

There are appointed positions on the Board of Directors available for those willing to serve as a Support Member. Support Members have no specific responsibilities other than supporting the Board in general. Contact me for more information.

Sharon Schuster, President

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