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When should a child develop a love of books and learning? How about starting at birth and going on from there?

The Books for Babies program does just that. Parents are used to receiving baby formula and baby powder in their new baby gift basket at the hospital. Now, the parents of new babies at West Hills Hospital will receive a new essential—a book for their baby and helpful hints on how to encourage a love of learning.

The Friends Board and the Los Angeles Public Library arepleased to be able to start the babies on the path to loving books. (See article on page 1.)We feel there could be no better gift. Thank you for your membership, contributions, and bookstore purchases, which make it all possible.

Special thanks to:

Good time to try Touch Screen Voting

Touch screen voting will be available at the Platt Library in the Multipurpose Room before the City of Los Angeles March 6 primary and May 15 run-off elections. The period is from Monday, February 12 through Saturday, March 3 and Monday, April 23 through Saturday, May 12.

This will give you an opportunity to test out the electronic system to see how it works. Also, anyone who lives in the City of Los Angeles and is registered to vote can vote at Platt.  You do not have to live in the area.

In March in our area, we will be voting on LAUSD and Community College elections, as well as two measures—one relating to the school board and the other about police and fire pensions. Others will be voting on City Council seats.

Sharon Schuster, President

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