Membership News

We had a good response to our renewal requests this year and a terrific response to our new membership mailings. Our newsletter now goes to over 425 addresses.

We are happy to welcome back the following members who rejoined after a hiatus:

Helen Allan
Morris & Parvin Benoun
Nancy Burstein
Kathleen Castigliola
Jim Flavin
Coby & Steve Kibrick


Dori Kleine
Donald & Gloria McDermott
The Pfaff Family
Burton & Sheri Rosenberg
Alene & Leonard Trachtenberg

A big thank you to these who upgraded to Life members this year:

Ginny & Michael Gibbs
Charlene Montante


Dr. Janice A. Schilling Stone

And a warm welcome to all these NEW MEMBERS:


Audrey & Malcolm Abracen
Sarah & Shelley Berman
Joy & Joseph Huang
Lana & William Lomax


Tom Morehouse
Tami, Mike & Eden Rittberg
Eric Villette

BUSINESS (Look for their ads in this issue)

Accredited Nursing Care


Parties by Stacey


Gearyann & David Alpert
Sylvia Augustine
Jim & Joan Ayres
Dr. Robert Bailey
Saul & Grace Bass
Phoebe Beasley
Arsine Boodaghian
Judy Boylan
Allen & Rhoda Brandt
Carol Bretscher
Mr. & Mrs. Brunell
Margaret Cameron
Jon Cedar
Michelle Clark
T. Christian Cotton
Mrs. Toby Covin
Steve & Ginger Durgin
Dianne P. Eubanks
Cathy Evans
Dr. Louise Fischer-Kohan
June Foray-Donavan
William & Elizabeth Glover
Jacqueline H. Goldberg
Brian Grasso
Paricher Haghighi
Will & Miriam Harriss
Marilyn Hauck
Patricia J. Knutson


Adam & Wendy LLoyd
Jennifer Marks
Lisa Marmon
S. Maydeck
Marc Mayerson
Moshe & Yaffa Mizrahi
Elys T. & Lawrence Noel
R. Novak
Norman M. Nussbaum
Cindi Jill Peleg
Diane Raheb
Elaine Rinaldi
John & Ellen Rosenberg
Kimberly Shapiro
Jo Sherrel
Francine Siff & David Siff
Goldie Silk
Irene Sloan
Dr. Robert & Marsha Solow
Howard Spike
Janet Todosychuk
Diane Townsend
Barney Vaynovsky
Pat & Vic Walker
Brian G. Walsh
John Watt
Sharon K. Yoon

Please remember that Gift Memberships might be just the right idea for some of the folks on your Holiday list.

Ruth Bromund, Membership VP

Be a Friend!

Memberships in the Friends of the Platt Library are win-win relationships. Besides providing additional funding for our library, they also give opportunities for new friendships, socializing, and volunteering—as well as community recognition for your support of a worthy cause. If that's not enough incentive, you also get a printed copy of this newsletter in the mail…what an excellent investment!

To become a member, give a membership as a gift, or renew your existing membership, just fill out the form below and click the ‘PRINT’ button. Write a check payable to Friends of the Platt Library and send it along with the printed form to:

Friends of the Platt Library
23600 Victory Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

...or bring them to the library in person. Thank you!


I/we want to join/ renew for the July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 membership period at this membership level:


  Life – $200 one-time payment

  Supporting – $25

  Business/school – $100

  Basic Family – $15

  Sustaining – $50

  Basic Individual – $10

I have enclosed my company's gift matching form to double my money.

Please contact me/us about volunteering to help with library or Friends activities.





Phone (day) 


E-mail address 

In Appreciation of Our Life & Sustaining Members

Gerald & Joy Picus · Sam & Jackie Steg


Audrey & Malcolm Abracen  Lorraine Anderson  Wally & Lila Aurich  Amnon Band  Edward & Mildred Berger  Mr. & Mrs. Shelley Berman  Philip & Myrna Binderman  George & Flora Buchler  Nancy Jo & Steve Bush and Derek  Janet Change  Sue Cook  Kathy & Rob Cromar  Joseph Dautremont, DDS  Boyd & Kate Davis and Bryan & Darren  Arthur & Doris Dell  Diana Deutsch and Jan Wittenberg  Bob & Nancy Eisenhart  Virgene & Charles Engberg  Linda & Russell England  Rodney & Sharon Farris  Aileen & Bob Feinstein  Eileen Florman  Leanne & Eric Foxman and Adam & Emily  Nick T. & Janice C. Garris  Ravindra & Rohini Ghate  Michael & Ginny Gibbs  Dorothy & Harold Gillmann  Thomas H. & Louise Golberg  E. J. Gold  Charles & Karen Gold  Jesse & Margaret Goldbaum  Mark & Suzy Greenberg  Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Greene  Barbara M. Gruber  Ellie & Terry Haney  Don & Norma Herbert  Ron Herson Family Foundation and Pat  Lawrence & Barbara Hoke  Rhoda Howard  Joseph & Joy Huang  Kathy Igo and Peter & Teddy Tinker  Leatha King  Willa & Lou Kurtz  Barbara & Tom Littlefield  Dale E. Litzsinger  William & Lana Lomax  Yvonne & Stuart Lorch  Sarah & Ronald McKay  Jo Merryfield  Charlene Montante  Tom Morehouse  Erroll E. Murphy  Liz Newman  Jack & Bernice O'Connell  Dorothy & Gilbert Omens  Patricia Peterson  Milton H. Rieders  Tami & Mike Rittberg and Eden Rittberg  Burton & Margy Rockoff and Arleen  Liz Rogers  Margaret P. Romano  Paul Rosenbaum and Rocio Villasenor  Jill and Richard Rubenstein  Carol Rupnik  Dr. Janice A. Schilling Stone  Richard & Hermalee Schmidt  Sue & Don Schuster and Michael & Samantha  Harriet Segurson  Catherine & Timothy Smirnoff  Steven C. Sperber  Soni & Mel Stahler  Harriet Strauss  Sue & John Strickland  Bill & Linda Terry  Virginia Teslik and Alex & Nicholas  Mary K. & Adrian Vandenberg  Eric Villette  Joan A. Wagner  Marcia & Robert Weingarten and Jason & David  Harold West  Wilfred  Nina Wilson  Family of Raymund Wood  Margaret & Cayan Young  Martha & George Zoloth


Bob & Mar Adler  Pamela & Jay Bieber  Nancy Burstein  Benny & Janet Chang  Lance Childs and Mary McIntyre  Stanley & Frona DeCovnick  M. Eiser  Dianne P. Eubanks  Benjamin & Ellen Felton  Jim & Janis Flavin  June Foray-Donavan  Walter & Candice Fritschner  Brian Grasso  Ted & Annie Haas  Terry & Laurie MacAdam  Freya Maneki  Rita & Marvin March  Lisa Marmon  Roberta & Paul Mehegan  Judy & Robert Munro  Mary Ann & Sherm Ostrom  Ron & Diana Palmer  Kathleen J. Parkinson  Gayle Pepper  Burton & Sheri Rosenberg  Sharon & Shel Schuster  Sharon & Andrea Suarez  Brian G. Walsh  Sharon K. Yoon

“Thank you for your continued support” doesn't begin to express our deep appreciation for the moral, financial, and (in so many cases) hands-on assistance these individuals have lavished on Platt Library and Friends of The Platt Library over the years.

Friends of The Platt Library Board

Business Members

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