Entertainment Book Report

We are pleased to report that the 2005 Entertainment Book sales raised $345.00 in funds to support Platt Branch Library. Sixty-nine books were sold with a profit of $5.00 on each book. However, we were unable to sell the full number of books shipped to us and thus did not earn the additional 25 per book bonus that had been offered.

Entertainment books are sold through non-profit organizations affiliated with schools, churches, and other charitable institutions. Retail outlets such as bookstores and markets have been increasingly offering the books at discounts. This additional competition seems to have affected our sales considerably. Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if those of you who purchased your books elsewhere in the past make the effort to purchase them at the library in 2006.

To all the volunteers who helped to sell the Entertainment books and those who bought them, we give our heartfelt thanks. To Ethel Margolin—who made arrangements for the books, monitored the sales, and did a yeoman's job of selling books herself—thanks isn't nearly adequate to express our deep appreciation.

Millie Berger, Membership VP

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