See You January 27th & 28th!

Another Used Book Super Sale will take place then. We have tons of fabulous new donations for all to choose from. Hope to see you there.

Special thanks to those who responded to the call for book sale volunteers. We appreciate the fact all their time and hard work are donated despite their busy schedules. And no issue of the newsletter is complete without noting that Shel Schuster, Millie Berger, Frona DeCovnick, and Warren Bromund are especially generous with the time they spend sorting all those great donations for Platt Library, for the Bookstore, and for our one-day sales.

Participating in the November Book Sale were Barbara Abromovitch, Millie & Ed Berger, Phil Binderman, Ruth & Warren Bromund, Sandi & Elaine Corman, Frona & Stan DeCovnick, Lynn & Dan Durbin, Muriel & Sid Eiduson, Vivian Estabrook, Faye Faraldo, Jesse Goldbaum, Annie & Ted Haas, Therese Hearn, Walter Higgins, Darlene Jackson, Leatha King, Jeff Koetje, Willa Kurtz, Richard Lee, Ruth Mehlworm, CeCe Mestman, Harriet Millman, Sterling Rachootin, Nancy & John Reeve, Peggy Richman, Paula Russo, Don Schuster, Sharon & Shel Schuster, Harriet Strauss, Kathy Van Olinda, Michelle Watts, and Margaret Young.

We hope this year is the start of a happy, healthy 2006 for all. And Friends, if you would like to join our group at book sales or in the Bookstore, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Elaine Corman & Harriet Strauss
Co-Bookstore Volunteer Coordinators


Help With Book Sales

We need volunteers to help set-up, keep the tables stocked, and clean up after the one-day book sales. E-mail us and let us know you'll be there. Or just come and pitch in before, during, or after the sale.

Readers Needed

Our GAB program needs a few more voices to read to children 2 hours a week (or every other week), especially on Saturdays. Contact Children's Librarian Barbara Mattison at (818) 340-9386.

Platt Branch Volunteers—2005

Barbara Abromovitch
Carly Adelman
Pat Backes
Becky Baker
Geoff Ball
Danielle Bass
Howard Benjamin
Ed Berger
Millie Berger
Eileen Bernfeld
Pam Bieber
Phil Binderman
Becky Booth
Janna Booth
Julie Booth
Jacqueline Brenner
Ruth Bromund
Warren Bromund
Dorothy Butler
Kimmy Chen
Elaine Corman
Sandi Corman
Kathy Cromar
Rob Cromar
Tim Culhane
Frona DeCovnick
Stan DeCovnick
Fay Deen Doyen
Dan Durbin
Lynn Durbin
Muriel Eiduson
Sid Eiduson
Vivian Estabrook
Faye Faraldo
Donna Fellman
Jason Firestein
Ann Fisk

Caryl Frankle
Dorothy Gillmann
Jesse Goldbaum
Sharon Gugler
Annie Haas
Ted Haas
Sue Haddox
Ellie Haney
Terry Haney
Therese Hearn
Walter Higgins
Jacqueline Hinkston
Sally Holtz
Darlene Jackson
Rebecca Joseph
Pearl Kalechstein
Paul Kennedy
Leatha King
Jeff Koetje
Willa Kurtz
James Lamog
Milton Lebenbom
Richard Lee
Brittany Lehman
Marti MacIver
Ethel Margolin
Ellen Marshall
Roberta Mehegan
Ruth Mehlworm
CeCe Mestman
Harriet Millman
Charlene Montante
Judie Mount
Mary Ellen Musgrave
John O'Connell
Ann Olafson

Eileen O'Neill
Mary Ann Ostrom
David Perrell
Pat Peterson
Sterling Rachootin
John Reeve
Nancy Reeve
Darris Reilly
Peggy Richman
Carol Roseman
Corie Rosenblatt
David Rucker
Paula Russo
Migi Santos
Sue Scheiner
Dick Schmidt
Jan Scholle
Don Schuster
Michael Schuster
Samantha Schuster
Sharon Schuster
Shel Schuster
Sue Schuster
Harriet Segurson
Mark Spect
Harriet Strauss
John Strickland
Sue Strickland
Lyall Thompson
Kathleen Van Olinda
Joan Vos
Alex Wagner
Joan Wagner
Jenny Walden
Michelle Watts
Margaret Young
Jackie Zev

Our sincere and deep appreciation to the wonderful volunteers who worked during 2005.

The Friends of Platt Library Board    Lynn Light, Senior Librarian, and Staff

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