Fundraising News

Calling all Friends! We need to update the Friends’ roster of Special Volunteer Resources before the Friends Board can plan any more events that require arts & crafts and related organizational skills.

Can you or anyone you know be called upon to * Create and supervise crafts projects (such as serious hobbyists, artists, or retired teachers)? * Sew, knit, crochet, paint, woodcraft, or other such acquired craft skills? If so, contact us ASAP. Not to volunteer right now. Just to indicate a willingness to be invited to participate in future Friends projects.

Our Special Thanks to Recent Donors




Leanne & Eric Foxman

Memory of Dr. Elliott Foxman

Mystery Books

Ellie & Terry Haney

Memory of Jim Neville

Nautical Reference Book

Kathy Igo, Pete & Teddy Tinker

Honor of Robert & Dorothy Igo

Children's Books

Lon & Susan Jacobson

Honor of Gil & Joan Jacobs 40th Anniversary

Children's & Young Adult Books

Richard & Janis Mortillaro

Memory of Dorothy Decker


A donation makes a wonderful gift

You can experience the pleasure of helping your library by making a donation. Funds can be contributed for general library use, or you can specify that your gift be used for purchasing any quantity of one or more of the items listed below. A gift can also be made in honor of a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or in memory of someone. (Click for more…)

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