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At its October meeting, the Friends Board reluctantly voted to cancel this year's Children's Holiday Boutique. This decision was reached because we simply did not have enough volunteers who could act as craft project managers—those people who initiate the ideas for gift items, create prototypes, and prepare the projects for multiple assembly.

A boutique requires at least 30 different craft projects. Each project requires someone who not only knows how to create it, but also knows how to organize the components for less skilled volunteers to finish. This year only four volunteers attended our initial planning session. Of these, three already held demanding positions on the Friends Board (the President, Membership VP, and Newsletter Editor), and only one really knew how to take boutique-quality gift projects through from concept to completion.

It was a shock. Platt has always been blessed with a pool of great craftspeople who have risen to the challenge every year. In total denial, we forged ahead. But by October 3, we had to admit that gradual attrition has depleted that resource to the point we'd be lucky to have enough projects ready for one workshop in November. 

Hopefully, a year's hiatus will give us time to attract more craft-loving, craft-wise volunteers. The spirit is willing. We still have a pile of fresh, doable gift ideas, complete with materials lists and instructions. When the skill is there again, we'll certainly revive this very popular event for Platt's young patrons. Alternatively, we could devise a holiday event that requires less volunteer time and expertise.

Member's comments and suggestions are very welcome…an event coordinator even more so.

Mary Ann Ostrom, Fundraising VP

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