President's Message

Dear Friends,

Your air-conditioned Library is the perfect get-away from a summer heat wave. While you're there, be sure to take advantage of the bargains in the Bookstore and the many activities Platt has to offer.

A Stellar Program

Even though our Evening with Ray Bradbury occurred in May, we are all still whirling from the effects. Mr. Bradbury spoke to a record breaking audience, orchestrating his speech chronologically—beginning with his first short story, The Lake, and continuing through his life—humorously spewing forth his trials and tribulations while becoming a writer. One of the points he made was that by accepting invitations to speak to library audiences, he is giving back what the library did for him. As he said, “The library was my first lubricant.” What a pay back! Thanks to Joan Vos, our retiring Program Chairman, we have another memorable evening to reminisce.

Central Library Excursion

In brief, Friends had a fine time exploring a multifaceted gem that most Angelenos miss. Mary Ann Ostrom's full account of the Friends member's special June tour she arranged appears on page 6. Great job, Mary Ann!

Friends Board Elections and a Little Celebration

At our May General Meeting, members approved the Board's slate of officers for 2005–2006, which means most of last year's Board will carry over for a second term.

As a culmination and appreciation for a successful year, we invited the Library Staff to join the Board for an informal supper on July 15, once again hosted by Sharon and Shel Schuster. Appetizers, a delicious meal, desserts, and convivial company were a welcome reward for many jobs well done. As special thanks, we awarded books to our two retiring members, Platt's 10th anniversary party coordinators, and the Friends’ infinitely supportive hosts. The Board also formally welcomed our two new Board members, Program Chair Phil Binderman and General Support Member Geoffrey Ball.

Special credit goes to Harriet Strauss. Harriet assumed the Hospitality Chair's responsibilities when Paula Russo broke her ankle and then had to cope with a serious illness in her family. Thank you, Harriet. We owe you a book.

Noteworthy Coming Events

I hope you'll take advantage of all the opportunities Platt Library has to offer and look forward to seeing you throughout the coming year.

Frona DeCovnick, President

Friends Board Officers & Chairpersons 2005–2006

Elected Members


 Frona DeCovnick

1st Vice President (Fundraising) 

 Mary Ann Ostrom

2nd Vice President (Membership) 

 Millie Berger

Recording Secretary 

 Kathy Cromar

Corresponding Secretary 

 Eileen O'Neill


 Annie Haas

Appointed Members

Past President 

 Terry Haney

Newsletter Editor 

 Therese Hearn


 Paula Russo

Programs/Special Events 

 Phil Binderman


 Carol Roseman


 Joan Wagner

Civic Affairs 

 Stanley DeCovnick

Bookstore Manager/Book Sales 

 Shel Schuster

Volunteer Coordinator 

 Elaine Corman

Volunteer Co-Chair 

 Harriet Strauss


 Ellie Haney


 David Perrell

General Support Member 

 Geoffrey Ball

General Support Member 

 Sue Strickland

Senior Librarian 

 Lynn Light

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