President's Message

Dear Friends,

Platt's 10th Birthday Celebration was indeed a magical experience. Every aspect of the day brought joy and satisfaction. Truly—Co-chairmen Sue Strickland and Carol Roseman's perseverance, their dedicated volunteers, and the generous donations from local businesses were the winning combination that made this such a triumphant celebration. Those of you who attended reaped the rewards.

The used book sale was another success story. And Sue Schuster brought another magnificent quilt for Platt's collection. (Created by Welby Way 4th-graders assisted by our Treasurer Annie Haas and assembled by Sue, this gem will soon be on display in the library.)

Another Plus

Platt's permanent Volunteer Appreciation Plaque was installed just in time to be dedicated at the party. If you haven't seen the fruits of Past President Millie Berger's 4-year campaign, look to your left the next time you're checking out books; then go over and examine the three sculpted panels. Also, do read Millie's adjoining account of their creation.

Notes & Reminders

Several Farewells

I want to thank our retiring Program Chairman, Joan Vos, for arranging the quality speakers that made Friends programs so outstanding over the past year. Publicity Chair Charlene Montante's endurance and determination to “get the word out there” will also be missed. I would also like to express my gratitude to the entire Board for their continued support and effort to make the Friends of Plattt Library such an exemplary organization.

Frona DeCovnick, President

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