A PERFECT 10<sup>th</sup>

Long noted for fun-filled birthday galas, the Friends of the Platt Library pulled out all the stops to mark Platt Branch's first decade. In turn, when April 2005 arrived, our community responded in kind.

Sue and Carol view photos

After months of planning, preparing, and producing, Birthday Party coordinators Sue Strickland (left) and Carol Roseman review the fruits of their labors.

As you can see in the birthday-related photos and articles throughout this issue, local businesses generously supported Platt's 10th Birthday Celebration. Local schoolchildren rose to the occasion with a commemorative Birthday Quilt second to none. Friends who had moved on returned to join in the festivities. Both LA City and County recognized the achievements of Platt's Staff and its Friends. Our local firefighters contributed to the fun. And hundreds of people came to complete the celebration by thoroughly enjoying the outstanding treats, activities, and entertainment provided.

Without a doubt, this year's Birthday Party Coordinators and their host of helpers produced a bit of magic themselves: a perfectly marvelous party!

Memorable Moments

Entertaining all ages:
Not just one, but four of Platt patron's favorite performers (expert magicians Tony Daniels & John Abrams, Ronald McDonald, and super storyteller Janeece Flint) filled the day with spectacular illusions, amazing animals, laughter, and magical tales.

Just for the younger set:
Talented teen volunteers Danielle Bass, Jackie Brenner, Becky Booth, Corie Rosenblatt, Brittany Lehman, and Carly Adelman spent the entire day embellishing young faces.

Millie's Marvelous Crafts booth (staffed by Becky & Jenna & Julie Booth, Ruth Bromund, Annie Haas, Rebecca Joseph, and of course, Millie Berger) offered budding artists their choice of Peter Rabbit pop-ups, Jack-in-the-beanstalk pots, Fluttery Butterflies, and Magic Bookmarks.

LA Fire Station 105 sent fire trucks (manned by firefighters John Griffin, Michael Hayes, Joseph Rodela, firefighter paramedics Brian Brooks & Lionel Johnson, and engineer James McPherson) for potential public servants to explore.

Just for adults:
The Big Boys Band (from left, Hank Amigo, trumpet & vocalist, Larry Muradain, bass, and Andre Chimene, banjo) extemporized witty variations of golden oldies.

Art for everybody:
The ever-popular Schuster's Scintillating Tattoo Shop (Don and his diligent offspring, Michael & Samantha) applied colorful airbrush designs to living canvasses from morning through the afternoon.

A pause for ceremony:
Friends President Frona DeCovnick displayed the plaque sent by LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. John Bwarie, South Valley Area Director of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Operations, presented congratulations from Mayor James Hahn. Los Angeles 3rd District City Councilman Dennis Zine (seen here with Frona and former Councilwoman Joy Picus) brought his own commendation.

Continuing tradition:
Mrs. Shin watches as her 4th-grade students from Welby Way School and Sue Schuster present their 10th Birthday Quilt to Senior Librarian Lynn Light.

The fabulous vanishing book act:
No one stages used book sales better than Shel Schuster (seen here with wife, Sharon, taking a brief break to chat with Platt's founding Senior Librarian, Jan Metzler, who just couldn't miss this milestone).

Veteran volunteer Ethel Margolin coped with the throng in the Multipurpose room while book sale stalwart Sid Eiduson directed traffic in the Bookstore. Bookstore regulars Nancy Reeve & Muriel Eiduson handled sales outside.

Manning the gate:
Warren Bromund, Dan Durbin, and Stan DeCovnick
admitted dignitaries and gave parking advice.

Flying the favors:
Nancy Reeve, Millie Berger, Elaine Corman, and Sue Strickland scrambled to get the balloons up and keep them floating into eager hands.

Fueling the festivities: Hungry celebrants kept Ellie Haney, Sue Strickland, and Roberta Mehegan busy serving festive baked goods and beverages provided by local vendors. Of course, treats this tasty called for an occasional snack-break, as enjoyed here by Lynn Durbin.

Thanks to our Birthday Benefactors!

Wow! It was a great party…thanks in part to the contributions and donated services we received from the companies listed below. It is so gratifying to know that community businesses support our library! The talented individuals who entertained us were also a major factor. While the Friends volunteers who worked so tirelessly are outstanding, they can't enthrall a crowd. Thanks go, as well, to the wonderful firefighters from LAFD Station 105. They're always the hit of the show.

But we also need to say a special “thank you” to some very special Friends: Sue Schuster…The quilt from the Welby Way students is magnificent, and it's wonderful to see what the kids love to read. Don Schuster…Your airbrush tattoos are so fun, and we thank you for staying all day. Ellie Haney deserves a big thanks for taking over the refreshment detail! Joan Vos saved the day by finding a magical musical combo, and Harriet Strauss gave so much of her time and energy to help us plan the event…hugs and thanks to you both! Millie Berger answered all of our questions, gave wonderful guidance, and was so supportive that the success of this event must be shared with her. You are truly terrific, Millie; the nickname “energizer bunny” is well suited!

Sue Strickland & Carol Roseman, Birthday Party Co-Chairs




Albertsons Market (Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills)



Box City (Topanga Canyon Blvd., Canoga Park)



Coldstone Creamery (Fallbrook Square, West Hills)


Ice Cream

Fields Market (Saticoy at Woodlake, West Hills)



Green Jug (Platt Ave., Woodland Hills)



Don Hunt (West Hills)



Jim's Fallbrook Market (Woodland Hills)



McDonalds/Donna Teck (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Fast Food

Party City (Fallbrook Ave., West Hills)


Party Goods

Pavilions Market (Platt Ave., West Hills)



Plusko's Bakery (Sherman Way, Canoga Park)


Baked Goods

Quizno's Subs (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Fast Food

Ralphs Grocery Co. (Victory Blvd., West Hills)



Starbucks (Platt Ave., West Hills)



Subway Sandwich Shop (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Fast Food

Target (Fallbrook Square, West Hills)


Department Store

Trader Joe's (Fallbrook Square, West Hills)



The UPS Store  (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Mail Services

Vons Market (Mulholland Blvd., Woodland Hills)



Wendy's (Platt Ave., West Hills)


Fast Food

John Abrams Animal Magic

(310) 532-5085


Big Boys Band/Hank Amigo



Tony Daniels



Janeece Flint



Los Angeles Fire Department, Station 105

Don & Michael & Samantha Schuster – Air Brush Tattooing

Sue Schuster, Annie Haas & Mrs. Shin's 4th-Grade Class at Welby Way School – Birthday Quilt

Carly Adelman, Danielle Bass, Becky Booth, Jackie Brenner, Brittany Lehman, & Corie Rosenblatt – Face Painting

The generous community members who donated the used books that make our book sales so outstanding.

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