President's Message

Greetings! You probably already know the Friend's Program Chair has shifted seats. But I want to make sure you also know I am very proud to be the new President of the Friends of Platt Library. With a dedicated, active Board and a friendly, helpful library staff, our branch has become a “flagship” in the Los Angeles Public Library System: seventh in circulation overall and definitely the place to be.

In addition, Platt is one of the few LAPL branches to have a bookstore operating six days a week, manned by over fifty volunteers. In addition to the generous donations from our community, all the proceeds from FOPL's Bookstore, five annual book sales, and various fundraisers go to subsidizing Platt Library; this past year we provided $37,000 for the purchase of books, tapes, CD's, and improvements.

The Friends community boasts around 500 members. These participants receive our widely praised Newsletter, published five times a year. Through it and our website, they learn of and enjoy our many exceptional programs, excursions, and events. Members also have first dibs on new selections at our members-only Super Pre-sales—a benefit that caused many to stay with us after their local branch reopened.

Who wouldn't be proud to head such an effective organization?

Current Kudos

This past July, our year ended and began with a supper hosted by the Friends for Platt Library staff and the old and new Boards. All the guests deeply appreciate Sharon and Shel Schuster's hospitality. Thanks are also due Hospitality Chair Ellie Haney and everyone who contributed to the evening's success.

Incoming Support Member Sue Strickland deserves praise for personal initiative. Platt Library, as you may have noticed, has been without an American flag due to weathering. Sue quickly obtained a replacement (see article at right). Look in the Library for the certificate supplied by the Architect of the Capitol and check out our flagpole.

Looking Forward

We have much to look forward to in the upcoming year. Our first General Meeting will be October 18th. Program Chair Joan Vos has arranged for Ellen Pangarliotas, Speakers Chair for the League of Women Voters, to discuss the measures on the upcoming November ballot. Don't miss this important program!

Our 5th Annual Children's Holiday Boutique is scheduled for December 4. Planning sessions and Gift Creation Workshops will be held September through November. All interested in participating should contact Fundraising VP Mary Ann Ostrom (see page 8). Also watch for an excursion to the Central Library that Mary Ann is planning for early next year.

The highlight of 2005 will be Platt's 10th Birthday Celebration in April. This Super-Gala will need many volunteers. Please plan to join the Birthday Party team, which will be chaired by Carol Roseman and Sue Strickland.

The Changing of the Board

With the passing of another year comes the time to say farewell to our outgoing board members. Thanks go to Fundraising VP Lyall Thompson for doing such a great job with last year's Children's Boutique and to Roberta Mehegan for her assistance with hospitality. It's also a time for warm welcomes to incoming Recording Secretary Kathy Cromar, Program Chair Joan Vos, and Support Members (a newly created appointment) Sue Strickland and Carol Roseman…with an especially warm “Welcome Back!” to Fundraising VP Mary Ann Ostrom, who is returning to the Board after a year's hiatus.

Because of their dedication, love of books, and belief in the Friends as a support group, most of our Board Members stay on in the same capacity or change roles. In addition to being on the Board, several of our members devote endless hours volunteering. Without Shel Schuster's knowledge of books and the book business, Elaine Corman's knack for coordinating a battalion of volunteers, and Harriet Strauss's help communicating with that battalion, there wouldn't be a Bookstore or anywhere near the income from book sales. Without regular help from experienced book sorters like Warren Bromund and John Reeve, donated books would flow out into the parking lot like the old woman's porridge. And without Millie Berger's directed effort and organizational skills, much less would be accomplished overall, on the Board and in the Library as well as in the sorting room. Thank you one and all for all your support.

A special mention of appreciation goes to you, Terry Haney, for your patient, persevering presence in your two-year tenure as President. I hope that I can measure up to the high standards that you have set. I look forward to your guidance as you assume the role of Past President. My goal for this year is to maintain the integrity, mission, and interest of the Friends. May it be a memorable year.

Frona DeCovnick, President

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